Poly Voyager Surround 80 UC Headset

(PC + Mobile) & Teams Version
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  • Poly Gold Partner

Poly Voyager Surround 80 UC Wireless Headset

  • Boomless headset with Microsoft Teams Open Office Certification
  • Over-the-ear design with 40 mm speakers
  • Boomless design with 6 noise canceling mics
  • Adaptive Noise Canceling for loud environments
  • Weighs 275 grams with 21 hours of talk time
  • Intuitive touch controls with a dedicated mute button

Microsoft Teams Certified     Zoom Certified     Works with Google Meet

  • Warranty 2-Years
  • Fresh Batteries
  • Latest Date Codes

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Poly Voyager Surround 80 UC - On Desk

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Built For Compatibility

All Poly USB headsets and personal speakerphones are compatible with the most popular voice platforms – we just work. Poly solutions provide excellent audio quality for both you and those on the other end of the call – no matter your platform of choice.

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Poly is certified (when offered) with all major communication platforms.

Voyager Surround 80 UC Features

  1. Get in the zone — Stay focused and keep out the distractions of the outside world with adaptive ANC.
  2. Take your call anywhere — Sound your best anywhere with 6 built-in microphones for clear transmit audio without the noise – in a boomless design.
  3. Extended talk and listen times — Works as long as you do with up to 21 hours of talk time or up to 24 hours of listen time.
  4. Touch sensitive controls — Control your calls and play/pause music with easy-to-use touch controls. With just one click, you can mute yourself with a dedicated button.
  5. Designed for comfort — Slanted audio drivers and improved ear cushion material provide long-lasting comfort.
  6. Unique headband design — Ergonomic gap at apex of headband reduces pressure points on the head.

Voyager Surround 80 UC Specifications


  • UC Version
    • POLY
      • SKU: 220116-01
    • HP
      • SKU: 8G7T9AA
      • UPC: 196786453328
  • Microsoft Teams Version
    • POLY
      • SKU: 220117-01
    • HP
      • SKU: 8G7U0AA
      • UPC: 196786453274
  • Replaced: Poly Voyager 8200 UC  SKU: 208769-101 (formerly 208769-01) UPC: 01722915821


  • Speaker Size: 40 mm
  • Bandwidth: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Sensitivity (IEC318): 132dBspl/V, 1kHz


  • Microphone Type: Boomless
  • Number of Microphones: 10
    • 6 for voice transmission
    • 4 for adaptive active noise canceling (ANC)
  • Bandwidth: 20 Hz to 16 kHz
  • Sensitivity: -37dBFS/V, 1 kHz
  • Frequency Response: 100 Hz to 6.8 kHz


  • Adaptive ANC
  • Microsoft Teams Open Office Certification
  • Smart Sensor

Acoustic Protection Technology

  • SoundGuard DIGITAL


  • Ear cushions: Artificial leather (surface material)
  • Type: Over the ear
  • Weight: 275 g | 9.7 oz
  • Dimensions: 191 mm x 77 mm x 181 mm | 7.52 in x 3.03 in x 7.13 in


  • Type: Lithium-ion
  • Capacity: 1.100 mAH
  • Talk Time: Up to 21 hours
  • Listen Time: Up to 24 hours
  • Charge Time: 1 hour
  • Charging Plug: USB Type-C® to USB Type-C®


  • Version: 5.3
  • Supported profiles
    • A2DP
    • AVRCP
    • HSP
    • HFP
    • AVDTP
  • Wireless Range: Up to 98 ft / 30 m
  • Paired Devices: 2

Touch User Controls

  • Volume +/-
  • Play/Pause music
  • Track forward/track back
  • Programmable touch control

Button User Controls

  • Power on/off/pairing
  • Mute

Certified Collaboration Software

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Teams Open Office

Indicator Light

  • On Call Status

What’s In The Voyager Surround 80 UC Box

  • VS80T Headset
  • Carrying case
  • USB-C to USB-C charging cable
  • USB-C to 3.5mm cable
  • BT700 (USB-C)
  • USB-C to USB-A adapter
  • User guide

Voyager Surround 80 UC FAQ

What is the Voyager Surround 80 UC?

The Voyager Surround 80 UC is a next-generation over-ear headset from Poly. It is the latest addition to the Poly Voyager family of enterprise Bluetooth® headsets.

The Voyager Surround 80 UC delivers a rich, immersive audio experience so you can get in the zone in any environment. Best of all, you will sound great too with 6 noise-canceling microphones in a boomless design.

Are there any differences between the Voyager Surround 80 UC and Microsoft Teams?

Yes, the Microsoft Teams version is certified for use with Microsoft Teams and include a Microsoft Teams button on the right ear cup. An indicator light on the BT700 USB Bluetooth ® adapter provides notifications of Microsoft Teams events.

What is the Microsoft Teams Open Office certification and why is it significant?

To meet “open office” requirements, it must be demonstrated that the microphone(s) sufficiently suppresses noise and office talk. More specifically it is required that the microphone(s) do not pick up talk or chatter from the person sitting at the desk next to the headset-user.

The Voyager Surround 80 UC is the first boomless headset to receive the Microsoft Teams Open Office Certification. This certification gives our customers confidence that the headset offers the best possible performance for use in noisy environments or open offices where nearby sounds or voices are present.

How many microphones does the Voyager Surround 80 UC have?

10 microphones: 6 for voice transmission and 4 for adaptive active noise cancelling (ANC)

What makes the Voyager Surround 80 UC the right headset for enterprise use – where other consumer over-ear headset options fall short?

The Voyager Surround 80 UC is designed as an enterprise-grade communications first device. It delivers the great voice experience users expect from a Poly headset – in a boomless over-ear design. 6 noise-cancelling microphones work together in an array to reduce distracting background noise, so your voice is heard clearly on every call.

The Voyager Surround 80 UC is certified to use with popular enterprise applications such as Microsoft Teams. In addition, it meets the Microsoft Teams Open Office requirement, ensuring the best possible performance in noisy environments. IT will also be delighted, as they will be able to remotely manage the Voyager Surround 80 UC with Poly Lens cloud-based device management software.

How does the Surround name fit into the Voyager family and what does it mean?

In our new naming convention, “Surround” is the name and descriptor given to our Bluetooth over-the-ear headsets. With a headset using the “Surround” name, users can expect an immersive audio experience, over-ear design, and wireless freedom.

Does the Voyager Surround 80 UC replace any products int he Voyager family?

Yes. The Voyager Surround 80 UC will replace the Voyager 8200 UC.

What improvements did we make to the Voyager Surround 80 UC when compared to the Voyager 8200 UC?

The Voyager Surround 80 UC will deliver a better audio experience for both voice and listening, while providing a lighter, more comfortable fit for all day wearing. Here is a quick look at some of the key features we improved:

Voyager Surround 80 UC Voyager 8200 UC
Number of Microphones 10 (6 for transmit, 4 for ANC) 6 (4 for transmit, 2 for ANC)
Adaptive ANC X
Touch Sensitive Controls X
Microsoft Teams Open Office X
Weight 275 g / 9.7 oz 289 g / 10.19 oz
Ergonomic gap on headband √ (Improves pressure point distribution for better comfort) X
Slanted Audio Drivers √ (Improves ear clearance for better comfort) X


What active noise-canceling technology is in the Voyager Surround 80 UC?

The Surround 80 UC uses 4 microphones to deliver adaptive active noise-canceling (ANC). Whether you are in a crowded cafe or a loud open office, you can get in the zone and forget the commotion around you.

Adaptive ANC automatically adjusts to cancel out just the right amount of noise for a quiet and comfortable experience. Standard mode ANC is also available and is optimized for office and communication use providing a more natural audio experience with enhanced sidetone comfort – ideal for long calls. Users can switch between the different ANC modes using the touch controls on the headset, or in Poly Lens app.

What noise-canceling technology for voice transmission is in the Voyager Surround 80 UC? Does it include Acoustic Fence technology?

6 microphones work together to form a multi-mic array, canceling out background noise so you can sound your best. The performance of the microphones meets Microsoft’s Open Office certification, giving users confidence that the headset offers the best possible performance for use in noise environments.

The Voyager Surround 80 UC DOES NOT include Acoustic Fence Technology. However, Poly noise-canceling technology is included to provide amazing transmit audio.

What controls are possible directly from the Voyager Surround 80 UC?

The Voyager Surround 80 UC introduces new touch controls for easier interaction with your headset. Control your calls and play/pause music with easy-to-use touch controls on the right ear cup. A custom touch control is also available to control settings such as ANC. The headset includes dedicated buttons for mute and power/pairing.

Can the Voyager Surround 80 UC be used with inflight entertainment systems?

Similar to the Voyager Free 60+ UC, users can connect the Surround 80 UC to an inflight entertainment system using the included USB-C to 3.5mm cable.

For the Surround 80 UC, the cable connects directly to the headset. The cable can also be connected to other 3.5mm audio sources for listening to other types of media. The 3.5mm connection is for audio receive only.

What is the BT700 USB Bluetooth adapter and why is it needed rather than pair directly to the computer’s Bluetooth stack?

When using the Surround 80 UC with a computer, it is recommended for the optimal user experience the BT700 Bluetooth adapter is used.

The BT700 USB Bluetooth adapter allows the user to connect wirelessly to the computer and provides the following additional features:

  • Call control (with supported software)
  • Battery level status
  • Firmware updates (requires Poly Lens app)
  • Change device settings (requires Poly Lens app)

Additionally, when using the BT700 USB Bluetooth adapter, the user experiences the same great audio quality but at a lower bit rate as both the adapter and the headset utilize the LC3 codec. This allows more devices to be used in a specific area without impacting audio quality. This is ideal for office environments allowing more users to go wireless.

Can the Voyager Surround 80 UC be managed with Poly Lens remote cloud management?

Yes. The Surround 80 UC can be remotely managed with Poly Lens for setting and firmware updated – making them ideal for use in enterprise environments.

How can the firmware be updated?

The Surround 80 UC can be updated wirelessly using either the Poly Lens desktop of the Poly Lens mobile application.

Are replacement ear cushions available for the Voyager Surround 80 UC as spares?

Yes. Replacement right and left ear cuffs can be purchased together as a set.

Additional information for the Poly Voyager Surround 80 UC Headset




Microsoft Teams, PC/Mobile

Wearing Style

Headband – Dual Ear

Headset Weight

9.7 oz

Launch Date

June 2023


Fresh Batteries, Latest Date Codes

Roam Distance

98 feet

Talk Time

21 Hours

USB Connection Type

Standard USB-C, Teams (Microsoft) USB-C



Poly SKUs

220116-01 (UC), 220117-01 (MS Teams)


8G7T9AA (UC), 8G7U0AA (MS Teams)


Google Meet/Voice, Microsoft Teams, Zoom

Connects To

Mobile Devices, PC/Computer

Headset Type

Wired, Wireless

1 review for Poly Voyager Surround 80 UC Headset

  1. Erik B (verified owner)

    Very comfortable. Good quality sound though not the same volume level you would get out of a head set which is more designed for music. The design is sleek but I think I would prefer a different method to increase and decrease volume then the sliding of the finger. Seems to take several swipes for a significant change and insuring you are in the right direction is not the easiest.

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