Having echo or static? We can help you with that.

You’re excited about receiving your new wireless CS540 headset.  You get it all set up, charged and ready to go, but when you make your test calls you keep hearing an echo or static when you speak into the microphone.

Usually an echo or static means the microphone volume on the base is to too high, or that the headset base is too close to the phone or other electrical devices. The 1st thing to try is to move your charging base as far away from your phone as possible.  See if that stops the echoing.

If it’s still a problem then you’ll need to adjust the microphone volume disk on the bottom of the headsets charging base.  When you turn it over you’ll see two circular disks with red arms in the middle, like a clock. You’ll want to focus on the bottom disk for the echo or static you’re hearing
(has a picture of a microphone on it). You’ll need to turn the red dial down (counter clockwise) until you no longer hear the echo or static.  The red arrow does not have to be on the numbers (1, 2, 3, 4). You can turn it in between the numbers until you get the best sound and the echo or static is gone.

If your customer is hearing an echo or static, then it is probably a compatibility issue. You can fix that by adjusting the slide switch on the bottom of the charging base. It’s A-G, and while A is the most common,  you may need to cycle through each letter until you find the right compatibility for your phone and your caller can no longer hear the echo or static.


We want to make sure the headsets you purchase from us are giving you the very best sound quality possible, so give us a call if you find these tips are not working for you.

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