Plantronics CS540 Q&A

Latest update: January 30, 2024

Plantronics CS540 Q&A. Customer questions answered by Plantronics Certified Headset Experts.

Plantronics CS540 Topics Covered:

  1. What’s Included and General Configuration Questions
  2. Compatibility Questions
  3. Battery Questions
  4. Ear loop, Headband and Neckband Questions
  5. Handset Lifter and EHS Cable Questions
  6. Technical Questions


1) What’s Included and General CS540 Configuration Questions:

Q: Does the CS540 comes with an over-the-ear piece as well as the headband?
A: Yes, the CS540 comes with a headband and three different size ear loops.

Q: Does the CS540 come with all the cables and other items I need to connect to my phone, or do I need to buy anything else?
A: The CS540 comes with everything you need to connect the unit to your phone, however, if you want to answer remotely (away from your desk), you will need an HL10 handset lifter or an EHS cable. These two options are dependent on your phone, so give us a call to determine the correct connection for your phone, or visit our compatibility page at: Headset Compatibility Guides.

Q: We don’t have “tech” people in our office, will I be able to set the headset up by myself?
A: Yes, this headset system is very easy to set up, and we even put together a CS540 Setup Guide with detailed pictures.

Q: Will I have interference if there are two CS540’s in the office? It is a very small office.
A: There will be no interference with two headsets, in fact, you can have up to 38 headsets in close proximity. You can also mix in CS540-XD units, which use a different frequency, to have an additional 54 units in one area without issues.

Q: How well does the CS540 keep outside noises out?
A: The CS540 has a noise canceling that reduces background noise by up to 75%. If you’re in a busy office, your callers will hear you clearly and only hear the mumbling of co-workers in the background.

Q: Is there a way to adjust the speaker volume on the calls?
A: Yes, it includes great volume control for crystal clear communications. First, your major speaker adjustment is on the base. This is typically set when you install the unit. Second, on the headset itself is a speaker volume switch for minor adjustments for adjusting call to call. Last, you can also use your phone’s volume button to increase/decrease volume.

Q: Will I be able to adjust the volume of my voice?
A: Yes, on the bottom of the headset base there are dials for listening volume, as well as microphone volume.

Q: Can I use the headset on just the right ear?
A: Yes, the headset can be worn on either the right or left ear by simply rotating the earpiece.

Q: How do I put a call on hold while answering another call? Do I have to be at my desk to do that?
A: Putting a call on hold is a phone function and must be done at your phone.

Q: Is there a way to tell when I mute the headset? I really need to know for sure that my headset is muted at times.
A: Yes, when the wireless telephone headset is muted, a solid red light will show on the base, and you will hear three high tones through the headset.

Q: Is the wireless signal from the CS540 secure?
A: Yes, the CS540 incorporates DECT technology making it the most secure wireless telephone headset on the market, while also eliminating interference.

Q: If I need to go to another room, may I put the call on hold and answer it from another phone?
A: No, the base is tied to one phone, and in order to continue to use the headset, you must retake the call from the same phone, however, you can pick up the phone from a different location without the headset.

Q: The CS540 says it comes with a charging base, but does it come with a power adapter?
A: Yes, the A/C adapter is included with the CS540

Q: Is the charging base included in the box, or is this just the headset piece?
A: Yes, the CS540 comes with the charging base, if purchased from an authorized distributor.

Q: We want to use just one base with two CS540’s – is this possible?
A: You can pair a spare headset to the same base for conference calls, but you can not use two headsets with the same base to take calls. You will need to consider a second charging base to make sure both units are fully charged and ready to use at any time.

Q: I share a job with someone else (we have different hours). Can we both use the same headset during our individual shifts, or do we need two different headsets?
A: You may use the same headset if you like, however, for sanitary reasons we have options to utilize individual headsets. Call us at 800-914-7996 to discuss this option.

Q: Can I use the headset while it is being charged?
A: No, the wireless telephone headset has to be placed in the base to charge, however, if you receive a call, you may take it out of the base to use for that call and continue charging after the call.

Q: How long is the warranty?
A: The Plantronics CS540 has a one year warranty, when purchased through an Authorized Distributor.

Q: Can I buy just the headset part without the base?
A: Yes, you can find the replacement headset at: CS540 Replacement Headset.

Q: I currently use a Plantronics CS50, would the CS540 be a compatible upgrade?
A: Yes, the CS540 is the newer version of the CS50 by two generations. It works and functions the same, with improved sound quality, comfort, battery management, and distance. If you are using an EHS cable with your CS50, you will need to update it as well, because it physically will not plug into the newer CS540.

Q: What headset options are included in the Plantronics CS500 series of wireless headsets?
A: CS510 (single ear over the head), CS520 (dual ear over the head), CS530 (over the ear/in the ear) and CS540 (convertible – over the ear/in the ear and single ear over the head).

2) Compatibility Questions:

Q: Does this work with any corded phone?
A: Generally speaking, yes it will work with any corded phone that either has a headset port or a handset that uses a standard RJ9 plug you can remove. Give us a call or confirm compatibility at Headset Compatibility Guides.

Q: Does this headset work on most cell phones?
A: No, the CS540 is for desk phones. The W700 series will allow cell phone usage.

Q: Can the CS540 connect to my PC to use with software like Skype?
A: The CS540 is traditionally used with your desk phone. However, if you would like to use it with your PC, you can purchase the Savi D100 USB Dongle or the APU-76 EHS cable. Please note when using this cable, you are not able to simultaneously connect to your desk phone.

Q: Will this headset connect via Bluetooth with most desk phones?
A: No, it uses DECT wireless technology, which allows you to roam up to 350 ft from the base.

Q: When my work phone rings, my wired headset automatically places me into the call. Does the CS540 headset do this also?
A: There is an auto answer switch on the back of the charging base. The factory has it set for no-auto answer (red), but you can change that by moving the switch to green, and it will answer when the headset is removed from the cradle.

Q: Will a group of 9 people working in a small office be able to use the same model headset?
A: Yes, you can have up to 38 headsets in close proximity, and adding CS540-XD into your environment can add an additional 54 units.

Q: What is the 3.5mm jack on the back of the base for? Can I use a headset with a 3.5mm jack there?
A: No, you can not use a 3.5mm headset in this port. The 3.5mm jack is for a busy light or the handset lifter / EHS cable to plug into.

Q: Can I use the CS540 with my iPhone 6?
A: The CS540 is designed to work with desk phones. The Voyager 4245 wireless headsets will allow you to use your iPhone as well as a PC.

Q: Which office phones does this headset work on?
A: This headset will work on most office phones, but we recommend you call us to determine phone compatibility before purchasing, or visit Headset Compatibility Guides.

Q: Will I be able to listen to music on this headset?
A: No, it only connects to your desk phone; iTunes and Spotify won’t work.

Q: Does the headset plug in using an audio jack or phone line?
A: The CS540 uses an RJ9 plug (the smaller modular plug just like your handset) that will plug into a designated headset port or plug into where your handset currently plugs into.

Q: Is the CS540 Bluetooth?
A: No, it is DECT Technology which runs on a different frequency than Bluetooth and provides much greater range.

Q: Can I use this headset with a cordless phone?
A: No, You need a phone with an RJ9 handset receiver or headset jack.

Q: Can I use this with my landline phone at home?
A: The CS540 is compatible with most landline home phones that are corded, but you must make sure your phone is compatible. You may also be able to use a Plantronics TR-11 EHS cable for remote answer/hangup, if using standard copper phone lines. We continue to experience issues with TR-11 and cable modems using VoIP phone services like Vonage.

Q: Do we need multiple bases to hook up more than one headset?
A: Yes, you need one headset / base per phone, but for conference calls you can join up to three additional headsets per base.

Q: Can the CS540 be used on a multi-line phone (6 lines)?
A: Yes, the CS540 can be used on multi-line phones.

Q: My Cisco phone has a 2.5mm jack, may I use the CS540?
A: Yes, the CS540 will plug in through the handset jack on your phone.

Q: I work in a very loud office, and I am afraid I won’t be able to hear the calls with one ear exposed to the noise.
A: You may wish to look at the CS510 or CS520, if loud office noise is a concern. Those headsets will cover more of your ear, allowing you to focus on your call.

Q: I have an XBlue phone with a 2.5mm jack, will the CS540 work? The manual says I don’t need a lifter.
A: Yes, the CS540’s interface cable plugs into the RJ9 handset jack of your phone. Most XBlue phones are not compatible with handset lifters or EHS cables. Call us at 800-914-7996 with your XBlue model number, and we will check compatibility for you.

Q: I currently use the flash button on my phone for conference calls. Will the Plantronics headset CS540 be able to pick up the other party caller while I am on the phone?
A: Yes, the CS540 will work for conference calls, because we’re simply changing how you talk (headset instead of handset), so your phone functions exactly the same.

Q: Can I pair this with my cell phone, or is it only to be used on the office phone?
A: The CS540 will not pair to a cell phone and is used on your office phone.

Q: I have a Cisco SPA 525G phone. Can I connect through the Bluetooth feature on this phone?
A: No, the CS540 does not have Bluetooth capability; it utilizes DECT technology.

Q: Is the CS540 compatible with a softphone?
A: The CS540 is compatible with softphones, providing you have the APU-76 EHS cable. This cable provides PC connectivity with CS500 series headsets.

Q: Can I plug the headset directly into a 2.5mm phone jack?
A: No, the CS540 either plugs into the phone’s handset or headset jack.

Q: Does the Plantronics headset CS540 work with VoIP phones?
A: Yes, as long as your phone has an RJ9 jack headset or handset jack to use.

Q: Is it compatible with Android phones?
A: No, the CS540 is only compatible with desk phones and not mobile phones. For a mobile solution, look at the Savi 8245 wireless headset, which is for desk phones, mobile phones, and PC’s.

Q: Does the CS540 work with the Plantronics T10?
A: No. It will not work with the T10.

Q: Will the CS540 work on an analog phone?
A: Yes – It needs an RJ9 jack.

Q: Will the CS540 work if I plug it into a home RJ11 wall jack?
A: No, it has an RJ9 jack that would plug into your desk phone. You could use a TR-11 with the Plantronics headset CS540 for home use that will plug into an RJ11 wall jack.

Q: Can this headset be used in England?
A: Due to power plug and frequency differences, it is always better to buy wireless headsets locally.

3) Plantronics CS540 Battery Questions:

Q: How much talk time will I get with the CS540 wireless headset?
A: The Plantronics CS540 has up to 7 hours of talk time.

Q: How long does the battery last?
A: The battery gives you seven hours of talk time, and depending on use, it’s lifespan is generally 1½ – 3 years before the battery needs to be replaced.

Q: Is the battery replaceable on this headset?
A: Yes, the battery is replaceable (# 86180-01 CS540 Replacement Battery) and generally lasts 1½ – 3 years before needing to be replaced

Q: How long does it take to recharge the battery after a full day’s use?
A: Typically, less than an hour to recharge the headset. At the end of the day, put the headset in the charger for the night, and it will be ready for another full day’s use in the morning.

4) Plantronics CS540 Ear loop, Headband and Neckband Questions:

Q: I won’t be wearing the headset all the time, just to pick up or make a call a few times a day. Is the earpiece easy to put on quickly, or will I have to leave it on all day?
A: The earpiece is very easy to put on. We always suggest taking a few minutes when you first get your unit and practice putting it on in front of a mirror. That will make a huge difference!

Q: Is the earpiece comfortable?
A: Absolutely. You get a foam loop cover that makes it comfortable along with 3 loop sizes, so you can easily find your match for all-day wearing comfort.

Q: How does the behind-the-neck configuration work?
A: The back of the neckband rests on the base of your neck and is supported by your ears. The headset snaps onto the neckband and can be worn on the right or left side.

Q: The picture of the earpiece that goes around the ear looks hard; is it flexible?
A: The ear loops are thin, hard plastic that will flex slightly as you put the headset on and then return to their natural position.

Q: How heavy is the wireless headset? I am worried about having a heavy thing hanging on my ear all day.
A: The CS540 weighs 21 grams, so it is extremely lightweight and is quite comfortable for all-day wearing.

Q: What are the three wearing options?
A: Over the head (monaural), over the ear, and behind the head.

Q: If the headband breaks, may I buy a new one?
A: Yes, the CS540 has replacement parts you may purchase; headbands, ear loops, ear tips, etc.

Q: How does the wireless headset attach to the over-the-head band and the behind-the-neck band?
A: The headset snaps into the over-the-head headband or the neckband.

Q: I have very small ears, will the ear tips fit?
A: The headset comes with three different size ear gels; small, medium, and large that will comfortably fit most ears.

Q: I see in the picture that there is an ear cushion to use with the headband. Do you leave the ear tip on the headset or remove it first?
A: The ear tip needs to be removed prior to configuring the headset for over-the-head use and is not used.

Q: Does the CS540 come with just one wearing style, or all three listed.
A: It comes with the headband and ear loops, the neckband is sold separately.

Q: Does the earpiece break easily, is it fragile?
A: The CS540 is a commercial-grade headset and is made for call center usage and is very durable.

Q: Are there replacement parts available for the CS540, like ear cushions?
A: Accessories are available for the CS540; ear cushions, ear gels / loops and more at CS540 Accessories.

Q: Are there more than one size ear tips available, and what size comes with the wireless headset?
A: Yes, the CS540 comes with a small, medium, and large ear tip (Part # 86540-01). The unit ships with the medium ear tip already on the headset.

5) Plantronics CS540 Ear loop, Headband and Neckband Questions:

Q: Does the CS540 come with a handset lifter or EHS cable?
A: No. Depending on what phone you are using, there are also EHS (Electronic Hook Switch) cables that allow for remote answering.

Q: Do I need an adapter for the Yealink T48G?
A: If you want the ability to answer and end calls from your headset, you’ll want the Yealink EHS36 adapter. Also visit our Yealink Compatibility Guide.

Q: Will the CS540 work with Cisco 7941 phones?
A: Yes this headset will work. Keep in mind, if you want to be able to answer/end phone calls remotely from the earpiece, then you will need the HL10. Also visit our Cisco Compatibility Guide.

Q: Will this headset work without the handset lifter or is the handset lifter required as well?
A: The headset works without the lifter, but you will have to be at your phone to start and end calls.

Q: Does this include a “hookswitch adapter cable?” I’m told that’s the current method for connecting to modern desk phones rather than the traditional “headset lifter”. I’m trying to connect to an Avaya 9611G.
A: This does not include the hook-switch adapter cable. It does work with the hook-switch adapter cable, which is sold separately.

Q: To pick up a call do you just press the button for the line on the desk phone?
A: There are various ways to pick up a call. Some users leave the headset “on” and press line buttons on their phone to answer/hang up. Others preserve batty time and turn the headset on/off between each call. Lifters and EHS cables benefit you in remote answering and only using the battery when in use.

Q: Does this come with the EHS cable Polycom APP-51?
A: No, the EHS cables are purchased separately.

Q: Will this work on an Avaya 9650c? And do I need anything else to make it work?
A: Yes, it will work , but you will need the Plantronics APV-63 EHS cable.

Q: Is the optional APV-63 EHS needed to make this work with my Avaya 9508 phone? I just want to make sure I order all the parts that are needed to work
A: The APV-63 EHS cable is correct and all you need to receive call alerts, preserve battery talk time and answer/hang up remotely.

Q: Do you need to purchase the electronic hook-switch cable to pick up and end calls from the headset?
A: Yes, you will need either an HL10 handset lifter or an EHS cable, depending on your phone’s compatibility. Some phones can use an EHS cable and some phones have to use the lifter.

6) Plantronics CS540 Technical Questions:

Q: I can hear callers on my headset, but they cannot hear me – how do I fix this?
A: On the bottom of the headset base there are two dials on the left hand side, the lower dial is the microphone setting. Turn this dial to a higher number to solve your issue. Also make sure the microphone is approximately ¼ of an inch away from your mouth.

Q: Is the CS540 dual voltage?
A: The CS540 does not come with a dual voltage AC Adapter, however, the Savi/AC Power Adapter (Part Number: 81423-01) is compatible with the CS540 and provides dual voltage capability.

Q: Can this headset be used with a phone that has a headset charger built in to the base?
A: No, the CS540 comes with it’s own charging base which communicates with the headset and phone.

Q: Is there a 12 volt charger available?
A: No, the CS540 does not have a 12 volt charger.



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