Employee/Manager Training Using Headset Conference Call Feature

We recently moved from a hard desk phone to a Softphone and use Plantronics Savi Wireless Headsets, which are working great with our new Softphone; as they did with our desk phones.  These headsets are wonderful! The following will discuss how to train using the conference call feature on wireless headsets.

With new employees joining the company, we needed to find a way for them to listen to our calls on our Softphone with our wireless headsets systems.

We had options for training if we were using a corded solution (i.e. HW720 EncorePro Headset with a DA80 Audio USB Adapter cable – and the Y-Training Cable p/n 27019-03), but we wanted to stay with our wireless headsets, and Plantronics doesn’t have a training device for Wireless USB users yet.

The conference call feature turned out to be our best option to work well for our needs with our Softphone.

I’m pleased to say that it has been working out really great! The connection can last for hours at a time as long as neither headset is re-docked. By using the mute button on the wireless headsets, the end caller isn’t distracted by any sounds the listener may be making.  The trainee gains confidence while listening to the experience of their trainer. Also, the trainer is able to guide the trainee with tips and suggestions and keep habits from forming before the trainee is on calls alone.  The trainer can unmute their headset and take over or add something to the call if needed.

Here we will share the basic steps you would need to do in order to get your wireless headset into conference call mode.  It’s quick and easy if using the same model of headset for both users.  See the note below if using different headsets.

  1. While the base has an active link, place the guest headset into primary user’s charge cradle (this connects the headset to the base).

When the base subscription light stops flashing green/red and remains red, the primary headset/user will hear a tone indicating a guest wishes to join the call.

  1. Press the primary user’s call button to accept the guest headset within 10 seconds. The request terminates after 10 seconds and the guest will hear an error tone in their headset.

Note: To connect a guest headset that is of different variety than the primary headset, short press the base subscription button while the base has an active link. Next, press the guest headset volume up button until the indicator light turns on. Once the base subscription LED stops flashing green/yellow and remains solid yellow, the primary user will hear a request to join. The primary user will have to press their call button within 10 seconds to accept the guest.

Some of the wireless headset’s conference calling may have slightly different instructions, so please give us a call and we can get the instructions for your headset to you.        ​


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