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Help With Installing the Plantronics APN-91 EHS Cable for NEC Phones

NEC phones come programmed with varying settings regarding headsets.  Most of the time the APN-91 cable will work without issues.  On occasion the audio will work, but you don’t have the ability to answer/hangup remotely.  When that occurs, we suggest the following:


1) On the Plantronics wireless headset base (CS500 series, W700 Savi series, & W8200 Savi series) set your compatibility, speaker and microphone settings to the following:

Compatibility = A

Microphone = 2

Speaker = 3
















TECH TIP:  On the Savi W700 & W8200 series, the numbers are located on top of each dial


2) Connect the Plantronics APN-91 cable as shown below:


















For additional assistance NEC can be reached at:


email: cdn_service@necam.com



To find an authorized dealer for assistance visit: https://www.necam.com/HowToBuy/FindaDealer/



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