Electronic Hook Switches

Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) adapters give you the ability to answer your phone remotely.  This adapter plugs into your phone and your wireless unit.  (It is very important to pick the EHS adapter that will work with the model of your wireless headset and the phone you are using).   The signal to open the line is passed electronically between your phone and the EHS adapter.  This adapter takes the place of the Plantronics HL10 handset lifter.  With the HL10 lifter you will see the mechanical arm lift up the top end of your handset receiver after you push the call/control button on your wireless headset.  With the EHS adapter it just happens as soon as you push the call/control button on your wireless headset. You will only use one or the other on your phone, never both.

Not all phones have an EHS adapter available for them.  If there is not one available, the HL10 lifter will be the only option for remote answer.  If you choose not to use either the EHS adapter or the HL10 lifter, in theory you will need to take your handset receiver off the cradle and sit it off to the side of the phone.  Your Plantronics wireless headsets are not designed to open up the phone line, that’s what the HL10 and the EHS adapters do for you, along with giving you a soft  beep in the ear piece to let you know that you have an incoming call.

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