Plantronics Phone Line Indicators

Problem: Have you ever found yourself sitting at your desk closing some important sales deal and someone comes and interrupts you, not knowing you were on the phone?  The glare usually gets the point across but wouldn’t you like a more “user friendly” way to let them know how you feel?

Solution: The phone line indicator or more commonly known as on-line indicator.  The phone line indicator always lets everyone around you know when you’re on the phone and can’t be disturbed*.  There are two styles of indicators to choose from.  The first one we affectionately call “The Egg”.  About the size of what an extra large egg used to be, this phone line indicator has a bright red/purple random light pattern over the top half of the unit.  The phone line indicator cord is about five feet long which allows you to place it in the most conspicuous place for easy visibility.  The 90 degree plug allows you easy access to any of Plantronics wireless models.  Check it out at: Plantronics Wireless Headset Online Indicators

The second one is our more stylized phone line indicator designed for the new Savi wireless headsets.  This phone line indicator is square in shape and features the universal symbol for a headset.  It has a pulsing blue light, like a heartbeat, to show there is a live person on the headset.  The cord length for this phone line indicator is about the same as the other one.  One word of caution: it comes with a straight plug so it will work with the HL10 handset lifter BUT you can’t plug it directly into any of the CS model wireless headsets.  Take a look at this one at: Plantronics Savi Wireless Online Busy Lights

So, whether you go traditional or more stylized, you’ll never be interrupted again…hopefully.

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