Plantronics CS540 Wireless Headset – New Version of Most Popular CS55

Plantronics CS540 to replace the popular CS540

Plantronics CS540

The Plantronics CS55 has been Plantronics most popular wireless headset for many years since replacing the CS10.  Launching September 2011 the new Plantronics CS540 wireless headset will take the reigns as the future most popular wireless headset for the office professional.  The key upgrade is the extremely light weigh of the Plantronics CS540 headset.  It will be the lightest headset in the professional industry weighing only 21 grams.  You will have two wearing styles to choose from with the new CS540 consisting of an Over-the-Ear configuration or Headband Over-the-Head.  The CS540 provides 7 hours of talk time using it’s new adaptive power system which optimizes the CS540 headset for the perfect balance between range and talk time.  Having the range of 350 feet will allow you the freedom to roam your office while continuing your conversation on the phone and with the purchase of the optional HL10 handset lifter, you will have the ability to answer and hang-up on most phone systems.  The biggest advantage of using the HL10 is that it will alert you in the headset when you’re phone is ringing so you can take the call with a simple push of a button and not miss the call to voice mail.  The CS540 uses voice-dedicated DECT technology which eliminates Wi-Fi interference and when combined with it’s advanced wideband audio technology, you get the clearest conversations in the industry.  You can also conference up to three additional CS headsets to have co-works join calls quickly and easily making your office more connected during important calls.  To cut down on background noise to your caller, the Plantronics CS540 has a noise canceling microphone so your caller can hear you and not be distracted with your background noise and conversations.  In short the new Plantronics CS540 is a light weigh headset that will give you ample talk time allowing you to be more product in your office environment as you roam your office gathering documents and other information needed for your caller.

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