Explaining the Cisco 504G IP phone and advice on headsets that are compatible.

The SPA504G is a VoIP Phone from Cisco which seems to be geared towards smaller companies.  This model comes with 4 individual call lines with dedicated buttons for Headset, Mute, Volume, Hold, Menu settings, Speakerphone and Voicemail access.  No AC power supply is needed, it can use POE (Power Over Ethernet).  This phone has a 2.5mm headset jack, as opposed to the more common Cisco 7940, 7960 and 7970 series phones.  As far as we can tell, the headset jack should be a standard 2.5mm jack so you should be able to use any of the Plantronics “cordless phone headsets” which have a 2.5mm plug, or any Plantronics commercial grade “H-series headsets” along with a 2.5mm patch cable (model# 64279-02).  If you are a user or have had any experiences with this particular line of Cisco phones, please feel free to blog with us, as this will help other people.

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