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Q&A about the Plantronics CS55H for home or Avaya Partner Phones

What is the Plantronics CS55H Home Edition?
CS55H is a wireless headset system that allows crystal clear, hands free phone conversations at home. It is ideal for home-based professionals who need to multitask while on the phone. The CS55H offers freedom, comfort and convenience, in addition to improved productivity.

What is the difference between the CS55 and the CS55H Home Edition?
Unlike the CS55 that is meant to be used with office phones in an office environment, the CS55H works with cordless phones in a home environment.

Can I use the CS55H Home Edition with my office phone at work?
The CS55H Home Edition is not ideal for using with an office phone as it doesn’t come with the HL10 handset lifter that is strongly recommended for use with office PBX phones. The CS55H home phone adapter replaces the need for a lifter when used with PSTN lines.

Do I need a special phone for this?
No, the CS55H works with any home cordless phone, regardless of brand, model or frequency range (GHz). The CS55H also works with Vonage VOIP service but might require a “pigtail” adapter available at any consumer electronics store in order for splitter to fit in the Vonage box.

Does it also work with a corded phone?
The CS55H Home Edition can work with a corded home phone. The set-up is the same as with a cordless phone.

Why wouldn’t you just use the standard CS55?
A standard CS55 for the office could work with a corded phone in a home environment but not with a cordless phone. In addition, the standard CS55 would require the use of a HL10 handset lifter with a home corded phone to allow remote call answering. Instead, the CS55H home phone adapter replaces the need for a handset lifter both with corded and cordless home phones.

Does it work with a 2-line phone?
Strictly speaking yes, but the user has to decide which of the 2 lines to install the CS55H on.

How do I make a call with the CS55H Home Edition?
In order to dial a call, the user:
– Dials the number on the cordless phone
– Presses the button on the headset once the call is connected
– Hangs up the phone and keeps talking while walking up to 300 ft away from the base.

Can I answer calls using the headset?
Yes, with the CS55H headset, you can remotely answer phone calls at home up to 300 ft away from the CS55 base. The actual range varies and depends on the home layout (number of walls, construction materials etc.).

Can I end calls using the headset?
You can end calls by simply pressing the button on the headset.
Important note: If the user didn’t hang up the phone while using the headset (not recommended as it can create buzz or echo), ending the call via the headset will not hang up the call on the regular phone. In other words, the call will still be active on the handset.

Do I have Caller ID with my CS55H Home Edition?
Yes, if the user subscribes to this phone service, Caller ID will show on the phone handset as long as it is turned on.

Can I view Caller ID for an incoming call (Call waiting) while using the headset?
If the user is on a call using the headset and receives another incoming call, he/she will hear the “Call Waiting” beep in the headset provided he/she subscribes to that phone service. In order to view the Caller ID for the incoming call, he/she needs to turn the regular phone back on by pressing “talk”.

Can I switch between calls (“Flash” feature) using the headset?
If the user is on a call using the headset and receives another incoming call, pressing the headset button will simply hang up the current call but will not switch to the new incoming call.
Important note: The “Flash” feature (user needs to subscribe to this service offered by phone providers) is deactivated when the CS55H headset is turned on. In other words, if the user turns the phone back on during an incoming call in order to view incoming Caller ID, pressing the “Flash” button on the handset will not switch to the other call.
Instead, the user can do the following to transfer to another incoming call:
a) turn the phone back on by pressing “talk”
b) turn the headset off
c) then only, press the “flash” button on phone to pick up the incoming call
d) turn the headset back on if desired

Will this affect my answering machine?
No, CS55H should not affect your answering machine. If a call is not picked up by the user, it will be sent to the answering machine.

Will this affect my voicemail service?
No, CS55H should not affect your voicemail. If a call is not picked up by the user, it will be sent to voicemail.

Can I check my voicemail using the CS55H headset?
Yes, in order to check voicemail, the user needs have both the headset and the phone turned on at the same time. It is however recommended to turn the phone off when on a regular headset call not requiring any digit entry.

What happens if I need to enter digits while using the CS55H headset?
When entering digits on the phone while on an active headset call, the user will hear the dial tones in the headset. Again, it is recommended to turn the phone off when on a regular headset call that no longer requires any digit entry.

Can I use the headset with my cell phone?
The CS55H headset is not a Bluetooth headset and will not work with Bluetooth-enabled cell phones.

What is 1.9GHz DECT wireless frequency and why is it important?
The 1.9 GHz DECT frequency is a new voice dedicated radio frequency recently made available by the United States FCC. It is reserved for voice communications only. That means that headsets built on 1.9GHz DECT will not experience interference from devices like wireless network equipment, microwave ovens and other wireless devices – as can occasionally happen with 900 MHz and more often with 2.4 GHz products. Plantronics believes that this new band is the best technology for wireless voice products, delivering interference-free connections for customers.

What kind of realistic range will I get with this product?
The user should be able to get up to 300 feet from the CS55H base. However, the actual range can significantly vary and depends on the home layout (number of walls, construction materials etc.).

What are my wearing style options?
CS55H comes with 2 wearing styles options: over-the-ear and over-the-head.

What is the battery life of the headset?
The CS55 offers 10 hours of talk time and 50 hours of standby time.

Does it have a microphone adjust switch like Plantronics’ other cordless phone headsets?
Yes, the CS55 offers several ways to adjust both the microphone (talking) volume and the listening volume. The talking volume can be adjusted on the base while the listening volume can be adjusted both on the base and on the headset.

How easy is the product set up?
The CS55H comes with color labels that the user simply has to match in order to correctly install the product. It also comes with “Read Me First” instructions in addition to a comprehensive user manual.
Plantronics Page 3 11/8/2006

What is the adapter for?
The home phone adapter that comes with CS55H Home Edition is a PSTN/ landline adapter that allows a standard CS55 to work in a home environment.

Why don’t you need a lifter?
The home phone adapter replaces the need for a handset lifter. The user can remotely answer calls without having to walk back to the base.

Will I need a new phone (wall) jack to operate this?
CS55H comes with an RJ11 phone cable and a splitter.

How do I charge the headset and how do I know it is charging?
The headset has to be gently pushed into the charging cradle to charge. Light indicators indicate it is successfully charging.

What are basic troubleshooting tips?

• Match up color labels
• Push all plugs firmly into base and wall (see user guide p.6)
• Place base at least 1’ away from phone, computer or other metal object (p.9)
• Push headset gently into cradle and charge for 3 hours (p.8)

• To place a call (see preferred option 1 on p.10):
1. Dial number on phone
2. Press headset button, base and headset light up green
3. HANG UP phone to transfer call to headset
• To receive a call, simply press headset button
• Adjust the listening and speaking volumes as needed (p.12 &13)
• To see incoming caller ID (upon hearing call waiting beep), undock phone and push talk.
• To accept new call, press headset button to hang up current call and transfer to new call.
(Flash is deactivated.)

What do I do if I hear static or buzz?
Make sure to place base at least 1’ away from phone, computer or monitor.

4 responses to “Q&A about the Plantronics CS55H for home or Avaya Partner Phones”

  1. I own a Plantronics CS55 and now I’ve moved my office to my home, so I don’t need the handset lifter than came with the CS55, but instead, I need the “Home PHone Adapter” that comes with the CS55H…. but I don’t want to have to buy the CS55H all over again. What options do I have?

    • Unfortunately, Plantronics has not made the TR1 (60950-1) adapter for the CS55H an accessory that we can stock and provide to customers. I would recommend calling Plantronics, as we have, and suggest making it an available product. The more people they hear from, the more likely they will see the demand and help customers with a solution. The best number to call is 1-800-544-4660 x 5538 which is tech support.

  2. When using the headset, the person on the other end of the call complains of an echo noise. Echo noise is not on this end of the call but the other. How do I fix this?

    • Try turning your outgoing microphone volume down. On the bottom of the base will be the major mic adjustment setting. On the back of the base, will be the fine tune adjustment. Start with the major adjustment and get it close, then use the fine tune adjustment.

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