Plantronics CS55 customer reviews

I love it! I have Fibromyalgia and my neck hurts when I have to hold a phone to my ear with my shoulder. Now I am free of pain and can walk around my work area as well. – Anna

We are very pleased with our CS55 headset and HL10 lifter. Our customer service representatives are now able to leave their office and still answer the phone. They are no longer tied to their desks. – Madalyn

We have a warehouse with several workers, but only one person in the office….me. Having my Plantronics CS55 headset is great! Having my hands free, as well as being able to move about all the office and warehouse freely, while still being on top of answering all calls, makes my job so much easier. No more running for the phone! Thanks for such great products! – Mary

Excellent product. No radio interference at all and battery life is very long. – Mike

The service was excellent and very helpful during the purchase process.  I have had some issues with clarity and your team has been helpful also.  The shipping and timeliness were excellent.  It is difficult working at home as remote employee to research the products and tools.  My employer does not have many remote employees so purchasing turned it over to me to decide.  Thanks for the great help! – Karen

The CS55 headset is very comfortable and easy to use. Sometimes the the receiver lifter does not work on the first try when pushing the button on the headset to answer the phone. – Barabra   (Pushing the button firmly for 1-2 seconds will usually solve this issue.)

The CS55 cordless headsets we purchased have been extremely useful.  Headsets Direct was extremely helpful in assisting us with our purchase. – Tammy

The two women who use them in our office are very satisfied. They love the product and haven’t had any problems with the CS55 headsets at all.  It was a very smooth transaction and the representatives at Headsets Direct were very knowledgeable and courteous. Our company will definitely do business with Headsets Direct in the future. – Melissa

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  1. The best headset we’ve had yet. Very comfortable, and has a quality feel to it. The volume & mute are very handy. Ordered a couple more because it’s hard to find a good headset at such a low price.

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