Plantronics Savi 700 + Microsoft Lync + iPhone Setup Guide:

The following video will help you setup and integrate together your Plantronics Savi 700 series wireless headset, Microsoft Lync UC software and iPhone.


Welcome to the Plantronics Savi 700 series setup guide. Today we will cover installing, wearing and using your new headset system. All Savi 700 series headsets feature up to 350 feet wireless range, high quality audio and remote call management for your PC, desk phone and mobile phone calls.

Your Savi comes with a headset base, charge cradle, telephone interphase cable, USB cable, power supply, extra ear tips, ear loops or cushions and a quick start guide. Slide the battery into the headset until it snaps into place. Pick the ear loop and ear tip sizes that provide the best fit. If you prefer the over the ear style, attach the ear loop to the headset while making sure the large end of the ear tip faces towards the microphone. Then attach the ear tip with the notch facing the microphone. If you prefer the over the head style, attach the head band to the head set. For the behind the head style, attach the head band to the head set. For extended talk time you can swap in a new battery even during a call. For complete instructions see your user guide.

Connect the base power supply cable into charging base and plug into an outlet. Place the charging cradle in the base and gently push the headset into the charging cradle. The charging indicator light on the base will flash green to indicate it is charging, charge for at least 20 minutes prior to first use. Plug the small end of the USB cable into the base then plug the other end into an open USB port on your PC rather than a docking station or USB hub which may not supply adequate power. Once connected your computer will recognize the new device and notify you when it is ready to use.

If your product came with an electronic hook switch cable please refer to the setup modules in the following sections. Connect the telephone interphase cable to the jack on the base and then disconnect the handset coil cord from the desk phone. Connect the telephone interphase cable to the open handset port on the desk phone and then connect the handset coil cord to the telephone interphase cable junction box. Place the handset back on the telephone cradle this step is still necessary when installing an HL-10 lifter but not with an EHS cable. Press the handset lifter power cord into the handset lifter jack. Position the lifter as shown in the diagram. While wearing your headset press the call control button on your headset to activate the lifter. If you hear a dial tone the lifter is set correctly and needs no adjustment. Attach lifter to phone using the three mounting tapes on the underside of the lifter. For additional setup information see your user guide.

If your Savi came with an EHS cable insert the cable into the base as shown. When connecting to your desk phone please note that phones and cables vary. For complete set up information including ideal settings view installation instructions for your phone model at the following URL. Press and hold the blue tooth pairing button on the base for four seconds. When ready to pair the blue tooth indicator light will flash red and blue. Activate the blue tooth feature on your phone then use the phone’s settings to add, search or discover new blue tooth devices. Select Savi from a list of devices and enter four zeroes when prompted for a pass code. Select connect if prompted to connect to your mobile phone to the base. Once paired the blue tooth indicator light on the base will turn solid blue. Slide the headset over and behind your ear then press gently toward your ear. Position the microphone close to the corner of your mouth to ensure that your voice is picked up clearly and background noise is effectively cancelled. The headset can be worn on either ear. To place, answer or end a call short press the call button. To adjust the volume press the volume button up or down, to mute your call press the volume mute button inward. To flash between calls press the volume button up or down for one and a half seconds.

On the top of the base there are three buttons. Press the desk phone button to initiate, answer or end a call from your desk phone. Press the mobile phone button to initiate, answer or end a call from your mobile phone. Press the PC button to initiate, answer or end a call from your PC. The button on your headset will also answer and end any call. To switch between your desk phone, mobile phone or PC audio press the button of the device that you want to switch to for less than one second. The headset and base comes subscribed to each other. If you wish to use a new headset or need to restore subscription to your current headset you will use the base subscription button. For more information about the subscription button see the advanced features module.

To join any two of your calls on your PC, mobile or desk phone simultaneously press down their two respective call control buttons for three seconds until both indicator lights turn solid green. While on a call you can conference in up to three additional headsets. Place your guests headset into over the air subscription mode by pushing the headset volume up button for three seconds until the indicator light is solid green. Then press the subscription button on the base. It will flash yellow and green and then turn yellow. When you hear a tone in your headset press the call control button within five seconds and your guest is joined to the call. In the main link window click on the drop down in the right corner, select audio device. Make sure the headset is the device selected for audio calls. In this menu you can also test and adjust volumes. Check the box next to secondary ringer and choose your PC speakers from the drop down menu if you want them to ring for incoming calls. Click ok when finished.

To call an existing contact click on the drop down next to their name to select the number you would like to call. You can also enter a phone number manually using a search box located at the top of the screen. When a call is placed a call window will open and the audio will be routed to your headset. Answering incoming calls is easy. A call notification will appear on your PC screen. Use the controls on your headset or click the notification to answer the call.

Audio device adjustments can also be made from the PC control panel. Go to the start icon, select control panel and then select sound. Make sure that your headset is set as the default communications device both in the playback and recording tabs. To make volume or other audio adjustments click on properties and select the levels tab. In this menu you can test and adjust listening and side tone volumes. Side tone allows you to hear a small amount of your own voice through the headset. The correct side tone level can help you regulate the volume of your voice when wearing a headset, when finished making sound and level adjustments click ok.

Your installation is now complete and your headset is ready to use. We hope you enjoy your new Plantronics Savi headset system.