Plantronics Best Five Headsets/Bluetooth Headsets November 2012

1) Voyager Pro B230 UC – You can have it all with this Bluetooth headset . . . whether you are making calls via a PC or a Bluetooth mobile phone, the headset knows where to send the call.  The amazing Smart Sensor in the Voyager Pro B230 has detectors that know when the headset is behind … Continued

Plantronics Top Five Bluetooth Headsets of October 2012

1) Voyager Pro HD – The headset that recognizes when you place it on your ear and will answer your call automatically for you.  Voice alerts announces your talk time and much more.  You can even stream your music, podcasts, and GPS directions with the VoyagerPro HD Bluetooth headset. 4) Discovery 975 – The Discovery 975 Bluetooth headset comes … Continued

How Do I Choose the Right Wireless PC Headset?

How do I choose the right wireless PC headset can really be answered fairly quickly by saying that first you need to determine what you want to do with the headset; be it using it like a phone, do webinars, gaming, or perhaps all three.  Plantronics offers quite an array of top quality headsets, from the … Continued

Top Five Plantronics Headsets/Bluetooth Headsets – April 2012

1) Voyager Pro HD – The smart Bluetooth headset that knows when you’re wearing it and when you are not.  With its smart sensors, clever aps, and brilliant sound you can’t go wrong. 2) Discovery 975 – This headset offers WindSmart technology that works great for any outdoor usage. 3) Voyager Pro B230 – One headset for two different applications, … Continued

Best 5 Plantronics/Headsets Direct Bluetooth Headsets – January 2012

1) Voyager Pro HD – With all the latest technology built into this model, you can’t miss having the best conversation on a Bluetooth headset you’ve ever had.  It even answers your calls by simply putting it on your ear. 2) Voyager Pro B230 – Simply place the next generation Voyager PRO UC headset on … Continued

Best 5 Bluetooth/Mobile Headsets from Plantronics – November 2011

1) Voyager Pro HD – Experience brilliant, HD streaming audio plus natural, clear calls.  Ergonomic all-day fit, streams music with the A2DP. Pauses streaming audio for calls or when the headset is taken off. Voice alerts announce talk time, volume, connection and more.  Eliminates accidental dialing by locking call button when headset is not worn. 2) Voyager Pro+ – Dual-mic … Continued

Plantronics 5 Most Popular Bluetooth Headsets October 2011

1) Voyager Pro+ – In case you have missed out on having a really great Bluetooth, don’t wait any longer. Include this one on your holiday wish list.  This works great with the smart phones of the world. If you use this Bluetooth it comes with a free year of Vocalyst that is available once you … Continued

Plantronics Voyager Pro B230 UC

The Voyager Pro B230 UC is ideal for users in the office and on the road with a mix of PC and mobile phone communication for conference calls, webinars, video conferencing, and listening to multimedia.  The B230 allows you to use one headset to manage both your pc and mobile calls, communication on the go … Continued