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Top Five Plantronics Headsets/Computer Headsets – August 2012

1) Blackwire C610 – The Blackwire C610 is perfect for webinars and conference calls and performs with excellence even in noisy environments.  It has a flexible boom microphone for a custom fit just for you.     2) Blackwire C420 – This headset offers crystal clear audio, soft ear cushions, and is durable for all professionals.  You … Continued

Top Five Plantronics Headsets/Wireless Headsets – August 2012

  1) CS540 – If you haven’t heard about the CS540, then let me tell you how great it is! First and foremost, it is the lightest headset on the market . . . you might wonder why does that matter?  Well, if you are wearing this headset for eight hours a day, you will definitely … Continued

How Do I Choose the Right Wireless PC Headset?

How do I choose the right wireless PC headset can really be answered fairly quickly by saying that first you need to determine what you want to do with the headset; be it using it like a phone, do webinars, gaming, or perhaps all three.  Plantronics offers quite an array of top quality headsets, from the … Continued

Microsoft Certified Devices

“Optimized for Microsoft Lync – this phrase indicates that a communication device will provide a high quality user experience, with ‘just works’ installation, rich audio and video, and a lower total cost of ownership.”  So, what is Microsoft telling us here? That they test and qualify phones, headsets, webcams, conference room devices, PC’s and other … Continued

Are There Really Two Different HL10 Handset Lifters?

I ordered the HL10 Handset Lifter as a replacement for one that broke after two years of operation. The replacement is 99% the same, I say 99% because of one small problem, the 3.5mm plug is different… Unfortunately it can really be easy to get the wrong plug type when you don’t know or don’t … Continued

Plantronics 5 Most Popular Wireless Headsets – October 2011

1) CS540 – The new CS540 Wireless headset is fast becoming the headset of choice for wireless communication among businesses both large and small.  It has all the latest technology built into it and offers the lightest headset on the market.  No wonder its popularity is increasing.     2) CS55 – Not ready to go away yet.  … Continued

Plantronics Top 5 Most Wireless Headsets – September 2011

1) CS540 – Right out of the gate the new CS540 wireless headset is fast becoming the headset of choice for wireless communication among businesses both large and small.  With all the latest technology built into it, besides offering the lightest headset on the market, it’s no wonder it’s shooting up the popularity charts.       … Continued