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Plantronics, the leader in wireless headsets (Savi)…

Question:  What are some features of the Plantronics wireless headsets that set them apart? Answer:  Well, we could talk about 50 years of being a leader in headset design and performance, the ease with which their wireless headsets integrate with most phone systems, they come in styles to fit every need, and did we say … Continued

Plantronics wireless headset for telephone and personal computer

The Savi Office Systems will work with most single & multi-line phones, but it will also work on your computer with SKYPE or whatever other software you may have.  And it’s all integrated into the base of the system, no extra devices needed.  There are currently four models offered, the Savi WO100, Savi WO200, Savi WO300 … Continued

New to Plantronics and the Headset Industry

Being new to the headset industry here at Headsets Direct, I have the opportunity to try different types of headsets. What feels better, works better, and let’s face it looks better.  I have the privilege to see, try, and experiment with the different types of headsets offered from Plantronics.  Let’s face it, I love being … Continued

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Plantronics Savi

Brought to you by Headsets Direct, distributor of everything Plantronics Savi is the name of one of the latest headset achievements from Plantronics, makers of quality communication headsets since 1962.  No, they weren’t there when Columbus discovered America, but they were there when Ned Armstrong uttered those somewhat-famous words: one small step on man, one … Continued

How to mute the headset microphone on the Plantronics WO200 Savi.

To mute the headset microphone on the Plantronics WO200 Savi, you need to hold the “-” button that controls your speaker volume down for at least 1.5 seconds until the talk button indicator light becomes solid red.  Your will also hear an audible notification through the headset speaker.  By pressing the button a second time … Continued