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Plantronics Duoset H141(N) and Polaris P141-U10P(N) Headset Date Code

Plantronics DuoSet H141, DuoSet H141N, Polaris P141-U10P, and Polaris P141N-U10P Headset Date Code The date code of your product designates its date of manufacture, and it can be used to establish your warranty period. The date code is generally listed with your product’s model and part number, although this is not always the case. Example: If you see … Continued

Top 5 Most Popular Plantronics Corded Headsets – August 2011

1) HW251– The HW251 headset should be in your basic tool kit for any new employee.  This is a straight shooter with a single-ear headset that is comfortable to wear.  While training or working this is a great piece for anyone to wear. It has premium audio, with a quick disconnect that can be used with your telephone … Continued

Plantronics DuoSet H141 & H141N Corded Headset Date Codes

The date code of the DuoSet family of headsets will be located on the side of the headset microphone boom, near the speaker.  The first two numbers represent the month (01=January, 02=February…).  The two numbers following the dash represent the year (04=2004).  Next is the model of the headset.  An “H14” represents the DuoSet H141 … Continued