Jabra Speak2 75 Speakerphone

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Jabra Speak2 75 Speakerphone

  • Super wide-band full duplex audio
  • 4 beamforming noise cancelling microphones
  • USB-A and USB-C on the same cable
  • Up to 32 hrs of wireless talk time
  • Wireless range up to 98 ft w/ Link 380 dongle

Certified Microsoft Teams

  • Same Day Shipping On In Stock Items
  • Warranty 2-Years
  • Non-Returnable
  • Latest Date Codes
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Jabra Speak2 75
Jabra Speak2 75 - Microphone Quality Indicator
Jabra Speak2 Range
Jabra Speak2 - Range Natural Conversations

Where’s Your Meeting Room Today?

This is the Jabra Speak2 75 speakerphone, your personal pocket-able device for the coffee-table-conferencing, dining-room-dialing, hotel-hot-desking meeting rooms of a hybrid world.

It’s the next generation of professional, portable speakerphone, packed with the very latest technology.

Jabra Speak2 75 Speakerphone - In Use

With our advanced super-wideband audio*, precision microphone performance, and technology that refines the subtle tones in your voice, today’s meeting room could be a huddle room, the couch, or a campervan on the beach (you can get WiFi on the beach, right?)

*Super-wideband audio experience requires UC client support, and device support

A Speakerphone That Displays Your Voice Quality

Speak2 75 lets you see at a glance how well your voice is being picked up, at all times, wherever you are in the room, because it’s the only speakerphone to feature a custom-designed Microphone Quality Indicator.

Speakerphone with Good Voice Pick UP     Speakerphone with Poor Voice Pick UP

This intuitive 360-degree light ring shows you clearly when you’re coming across loud and clear, and when you need to huddle in a little closer.

It’s like having your own personal voice coach in every meeting.

Voice Leveling – Your Caller Hears Everyone At The Same Volume

Booming Barbara will always be louder than Reserved Roger, but that doesn’t make what she has to say any more important. We know how vital it is to give everyone an equal seat at the virtual table, so we engineered Speak2 75 speakerphone with our latest cutting-edge Voice Level Normalization technology.

Speakphone That Makes All Users The Same Volume

It means everyone in the room will always be heard whether they speak quietly with confidence, or raise their voice to make their point. Everyone can be themselves and speak naturally, so you can all focus on the topic in hand rather than fiddling with volume controls.

W i d e s c r e e n For Your Ears

Forget everything you think you know about portable speakerphones. We’re tearing up the rule book with super-wideband audio*, and an advanced full range 65mm speaker.

“Say what?”

Jabra Speak2 75 Speakerphone - Super Wideband Audio

Well, that’s not a question you’ll need to answer, because this advanced tech puts you (and your big ideas) front and center in every meeting, unscrambling the widest range of frequencies in your voice’s natural range, for a dramatically more powerful audio experience.

Crystal-clear calls and rich, powerful music. What’s not to love?

Let It Flow

You know those sounds you make to show you’re listening and engaged? Some speakerphones don’t allow both sides of the conversation to speak and be heard at the same time, so those little ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaaahhhs’ of encouragement fall on deaf ears. Or worse, interrupt the flow for everyone.

Jabra Speak2 75 Speakerphone

We think conversations are better when they feel natural, so Speak2 75 is engineered with advanced full duplex audio, with a supercharged chipset that goes way beyond standard speakerphone performance.

So your conversations can flow freely in both directions, just like they would in person.

Don’t neglect the mute button though. Nobody wants to hear you eating your lunch.

Most Valuable Player – Jabra Speak2 75

With four state-of-the-art beamforming microphones, and the very latest digital signal processing algorithms, it’s safe to say the Jabra Speak2 75 speakerphone is truly at the top of its game.

Wherever you put it – a table, a desk, a floor – it’ll effortlessly field sound from all directions, harnessing every change in voice tone, so every nuance is picked up (because it’s not what you say, but how you say it).

Personal Speakerphone and Laptop

All while our innovative noise reduction technology deftly bats away distracting background bother like tippy-tappy keyboards and extra-crunchy chips.

The result is an outstanding audio experience that’s truly unmatched.

When it comes to prioritizing your voice, we’re not playing around.

Chuck Us a Puck

The iconic, much-loved ‘puck’ shape (as nicknamed by our ice hockey-loving customers) of the original Speak Series gets a serious makeover with Speak2 75. It’s modern and minimal, with brushed aluminum detailing and premium custom-designed speaker fabric, engineered to deliver the most optimal audio experience.

Jabra Speak2 75 Speakerphone w/ Travel Pouch

It’s also small and durable enough to chuck into your bag. We wouldn’t recommend playing ice hockey with it though.

As Robust As Your Discussions

We’ve made sure Speak2 75 is built to handle anything a busy hybrid working day throws at it – from messy kitchens to deep work bags – with IP64-rated protection from water and dust.

Speakerphone for Work, Home or Travel

So you can use it anywhere, without worrying. Even if your hybrid working week takes you to a different place every day.

One Small Step To Start. One Giant Leap In Battery Life.

Just plug-and-play and you’re off faster than you can say “you’re on mute”. And you can go wireless with up to 32 hours battery (yep – 32 whole hours – even Janice’s meetings aren’t that long). You’ll need to recharge before your Speak2 75 does.

Jabra Speak2 75 Speakerphone - 32 Hours of Battery

And to make setup even more of a snap, your Speak2 75 also comes with Microsoft Swift Pair and Google Fast Pair.

Your Flexible Friend

We’re in a sort of USB twilight zone. Some people have fancy new USB C computers, and some haven’t traded in their trusty USB A model yet. So to save you tearing the office apart looking for an adapter, we made it so Speak2 75 can connect to both.

Jabra Speak2 75 Speakerphone - USB-C and USB-A Compatibility

It’s the first speakerphone in the category to have both connectors on a single cable, so it’ll work now, and when you decide to make the upgrade to a faster, funkier machine.

And since we’re givers, we’ll also keep you ahead of the game with regular firmware updates, via our Jabra Direct and Xpress software, and you can customize your settings with the Jabra Sound+ app.

Designed With The Planet In Mind

We recognize that technology hasn’t always been inherently sustainable, but we’re working hard to put that right. To help protect our planet, we consider sustainability carefully at every stage of product development.

The casing of Speak2 75 is made with over 33% sustainable materials*, and has a number of built-in parts that can be repaired or replaced. All of this adds up to better sustainability and longer speaker life – and more high-quality, productive calls for you and your team for years to come.

*Sustainable materials include post-consumer recycled, post-industrial recycled or bio-based materials

Jabra Speak2 75 Speakerphone Overview

  • Microphone quality indicator. Intuitive color-coded light ring shows how well your voice is being picked up by the microphones
  • Fabric speaker cover. Offers better sound quality and a softer aesthetic.
  • Designed for durability. IP64-rated protection from dust and water. Perfect for hybrid working.
  • Full-range 65mm speaker and Super wide-band audio. Fill up the room with incredible sound and hear every subtle nuance of what’s being said
  • Brushed aluminum detailing gives a sleek, attractive finish.
  • USB-A & USB-C as standard. The only speakerphone in it’s class to feature both USB-A and USB-C connectors on the same cable.

Jabra Speak2 75 Speakerphone Specifications

General Info

  • Box Contents
    • Speakerphone
    • Link 380 Bluetooth adapter (variant dependent)
    • Carry Pouch
    • Safety information
    • Warranty card
  • Main Unit Dimensions (Ø x H)
    • 132.5mm x 35mm | 5.22in x 1.38in
  • Main Unit Weight
    • 466g | 16.44 oz
  • IP Rating**
    • IP64 – rated protection from dust and water
  • UC Version w/ Bluetooth adapter
    • USB-A:  Jabra Speak2 75 UC – Link 380a, Dark Grey | 2775-419
    • USB-C:  Jabra Speak2 75 UC – Link 380c, Dark Grey | 2775-429
  • MS Teams Version w/ Bluetooth adapter
    • USB-A:  Jabra Speak2 75 MS Teams – Link 380a, Dark Grey | 2775-319
    • USB-C:  Jabra Speak2 75 MS Teams – Link 380c, Dark Grey | 2775-329
  • Jabra Model Numbers
    • Speakerphone – PHS060W
    • Bluetooth adapter – END050W/END060W
  • Warranty
    • 2 Years
  • Certifications and compliance***
    • Microsoft Teams (variant dependent) | Microsoft Teams Rooms (variant dependent) | Microsoft Swift Pair
    • Alcatel-Lucent | Avaya | Cisco | Unify MFI
    • Zoom Rooms | Zoom
    • Google Meet | Google Fast Pair
    • Amazon Chime


  • Ideal room sizes
    • Up to 4.5m x 4.5m | 14.76 ft x 14.76 ft
  • Microphone
    • Number of Microphones: 4
    • Type: Digital MEMS
    • Frequency Range: 150Hz – 14000Hz
    • Pick Up Range: Up to 2.5m | 8.2 ft
  • Full duplex audio
  • Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)
    • 72 dB
  • Speaker Size
    • 65mm | 2.6in
  • Peak Audio Output
    • 88dBspl @ 0.5m
  • Speaker Bandwidth
    • Music Mode: 80Hz – 20000Hz
    • Speak Mode: 150Hz – 14000Hz
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC)
  • Reverberation Reduction
  • Voice Level Normalization (Automatic Gain Control, AGC)
    • Yes (for incoming and outgoing audio)
  • Super-wideband (SWB)****
    • Up to 16000 Hz
  • Noise Reduction on Calls
  • Microphone Quality Indicator (enabled in Jabra app)

Software & Apps

  • Jabra Direct
  • Jabra Sound+
  • Jabra Xpress


  • Talk Time
    • Up to 32 hours talk time
  • Cord Charging: Integrated USB-C cable with USB-A adapter
    • Charging Time (USB C/A 1 A): Up to 2.5 hrs
    • Charging Time (USB C/A 0.5 A): Up to 5 hours
  • Battery Type:
    • Rechargeable lithium-ion
  • Capacity: 4700mA


  • USB-A or USB-C, Bluetooth (for smartphone/tablet only)
  • Bluetooth adapter: USB-A | USB-C
  • Operating range (Bluetooth)
    • Up to 30m | 98ft
  • Simultaneous Bluetooth Connections
    • 2
  • Integrated USB cable length
    • ca. 75cm | 29.5in


  • Bluetooth version 5.2
  • Link Adapter
    • Jabra Link 380*
  • Bluetooth profiles
    • A2DP, AVRCP, BLE (for MS Swift Pair, Google Fast Pair), HFP, HSP

*Variant Dependent

**Avoid exposing the USB cable or adapter plug to moisture or liquids and never charge or power up if the USB cable or adapter plug is wet or moist.

***Certified for USB connection or Jabra Link 380 Bluetooth adapter connection. Standard Bluetooth connections are not certified.

****Requires a USB connection and all connected meeting participants to have a super-wideband supported device and conferencing app.

Additional information for the Jabra Speak2 75 Speakerphone


Same Day Shipping On In Stock Items



Launch Date

Feb 2023


Microsoft Teams, PC/Laptop, Mobile Bluetooth Device



Roam Distance

98 feet

Talk Time

32 hours

USB Connection Type

Standard USB-A, Standard USB-C, Teams (Microsoft) USB-A, Teams (Microsoft) USB-C


NEW PRODUCT!, Latest Date Codes


2775-419 (USB-A), 2775-429 (USB-C), 2775-319 (MS Teams USB-A), 2775-329 (MS Teams USB-C)



Jabra Model

PHS060W (Speakerphone), END050W/END060W (Bluetooth adapter)


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