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Plantronics CS540 Wireless Headset

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Plantronics CS540 Wireless Headset


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Plantronics CS540 Features:

Lightweight and versatile for any office or contact center
• Business-grade headset weighing only 21 grams
• Distance to cover most offices with 350 feet of range
7 hours of talk time to get you through the busiest days
Over-the-Ear & Over-the-Head wearing styles included
Add an EHS cable/HL10 lifter for remote answer

Plantronics CS530 vs CS540 Headset Comparison Review
CS545-XD with Unlimited Talk Time

CS540 Setup and Installation Guide

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  1. Why didn't I order one of these years ago?! Review by MCook

    I love my wireless headset because with the work I do, I can be more productive! And best of all my neck feels better! Seems like a good quality product.

  2. Receptionist love them!! Review by Parkway Vet Hos

    Great volume! Comfortable worn either way. We bought 4 for the office and they work great!

  3. best ever Review by jonny

    Best product on themarket

  4. Headset works great. Sound is awesome! Review by Kris

    Had some feedback on internal calls, but turned down the volume and that solved the problem. I ordered another one for our receptionist.

  5. Great sound quality! Review by SherieQ

    Great sound quality with the headset; we had to purchase extra device to be able to answer phone remotely from head set, but that was an issue with the type of VOIP phone that we have. All in all happy with the headset itself! Thanks!

  6. Fantastic sound quality & comfort. Review by Chris

    I recently had shoulder surgery & needed a headset to work. This product has made working one handed a breeze!

  7. Love the product. Easy to use and makes our lives better!! Review by Joyce

    Love the product.

  8. Product works great and was easy to set up. Thanks for a great product! Review by Sharon

    We have owned your other products in the past, which we are still using. Purchased this new model and am well satisfied with it's performance. Easy set up and tech service was only a call away. Very helpful.

  9. our 13th one for the office - awesome! Review by SME

    I know we will continue to get more too.

  10. Not very adjustable Review by Terese

    My old over the head unit would allow me to move the mouth piece closer or further away as well as up and down. This unit allows neither and the earpiece does not stay in place. Extenuating circumstances prevent me from returning to my old unit.

    HDI: The microphone boom does rotate up/down and the ear tip lets you pivot the mic boom closer/farther away from your mouth.

Items 1 to 10 of 125 total

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Plantronics CS540 Wireless Headset Benefits:

The Plantronics CS540 wireless headset has quickly become one of the most popular wireless headsets in the industry.  Built around versatility with multiple wearing options, and being lightweight for all-day wearing, the Plantronics CS540 headset will provide a great option in any work environment.  For the small office you will have the benefit of being able to multitask while taking calls.  Imagine how much more productive you will be as you take your conversations with you.  Now you can continue talking to your caller as you walk to coworkers and ask for project updates or verify information.  Have you ever had to run to the warehouse to verify product details located on the box, or when inventory is getting low and you need to verify how many items are really on the shelf.  The perks of being able to take your calls with you will vary from company to company.  You will surprise yourself with the benefits you receive, even if it’s something as simple as organizing your office and desk while listening in to conference calls.  The larger your company, the more important it is to outfit your organization or department with tools to be more comfortable and productive.  

With the Plantronics CS540 wireless headset, you have over-the-ear and over-the-head wearing options to ensure every staff member has the perfect fit to meet their wearing style.  In quiet departments, many will choose the over-the-ear style, which is lightweight and low profile.  Any face to face conversations you have with co-workers or clients will result in a normal conversation without them being distracted or even realize you have a headset on.  This wearing option also works well for those that don’t want to mess their hair.  The Plantronics CS540 headset is easy to put on and will fit comfortably on and behind your ear for all-day comfort.  The louder your surroundings, the more likely you will opt for the over-the-head wearing option.  In this configuration, you have an ear cushion against your ear, which acts as a barrier to help separate outside noise from what you’re trying to hear through the headset.  With either wearing option, you will be extremely excited with hands-free communication with a wireless headset providing great value for your investment.

• Being mobile will improve your efficiency on every call
• While talking; walk to files, reference books, co-workers, copier, etc.
Freeing your hands for typing and writing increases productivity
• Weighing 21 grams makes the CS540 the lightest in the industry
7 hours of talk time gets you through the busiest of work days
 Superior audio quality helps in never asking to repeat information
• 350+ feet of distance gives you mobility throughout your office
Over-the-ear and over-the-head wearing options included
• DECT technology for better audio and eliminates Wi-Fi interference
 Adaptive power system optimizes for range and talk time

• FREE multiple-sized earbuds & earloops for a perfect fit
• FREE technical support with purchase
• Rechargeable battery included

• Plantronics CS540 Installation Walk Through
• CS545-XD with Unlimited Talk Time Now Available
• Plantronics CS530 vs CS540 Headset Comparison Review
• Have Questions?  Visit our Plantronics CS540 Q&A

1-Year Warranty     1-Year Warranty     


 Do you need the lightest wireless headset in the industry?

     + Only weighs 21 grams
     + Over-the-Ear and Over-the-Head options
     + 7 hours of talk time



Choose your wearing style.

It's so comfortable, you'll forget you're wearing a headset with the CS540.  With two wearing styles included, you decide what's best for your all-day wearing comfort.  Using the over-the-ear configuration, it only weighs 21 grams, making it the lightest headset in the commercial grade industry.  Opting for the headband will provide a secure fit with a soft ear cushion sealing out sound from your environment, giving you a clear and crisp conversation with your caller.



One-touch controls for adjustments on the go.

Speaker volume & microphone mute controls are at your fingertips allowing you to adjust your CS540 headset remotely without returning to your desk.  The silver call control button on the side of the headset, when pressed, will answer and hang up calls remotely when used with a compatible EHS cable or handset lifter.  When you freely move about your office, your environment constantly changes.  That's why it's important to quickly increase your speaker volume if you move into a loud environment.  Or maybe you need to converse with a co-worker, and muting your microphone is required.  With one-touch controls, you can concentrate on your caller, not your headset.



Fast and Easy Setup.

Setup only takes a few minutes as you configure compatibility, microphone, and speaker volume controls.  Base settings are easily configurable to maximize your audio experience.  You will find a 4-position dial for your major speaker volume setting.  Your headset also has a speaker volume adjustment, for minor call-to-call changes.  Also on the base, you have a 6-position microphone dial allowing you to adjust the outgoing voice volume that callers hear.  Last on the base is the compatibility slide switch with the letters A-G.  The default setting is 'A' which works with most phones.  If you experience no sound, slide the switch to other letters until the headset works correctly.



Productivity Booster.

If you're serious about getting more done in a busy work day, going wireless allows you to roam your office while you talk.  Ever need to grab a file while on a call?  How about needing paper for your printer?  Need to ask a co-worker a quick question down the hallway?  With up to 350 feet of range to roam your office, you'll improve productivity as you're able to gather information throughout your office while continuing to talk.


CS540 Frequently Asked Questions:

How many can I have in one office?
You can have approximately 38 units in one area without performance issues.  As you exceed 38 units, your roaming distance will diminish with the more units you add.  Since every office is different in spacing, density and active units, the number varies per location.

Technology scares me.  How complicated is setup and daily usage?
We've prepared a complete guide to make setup quick and easy.  
Visit our installation guide: Plantronics CS540 Installation Walk-Through

How is the quality of a wireless headsets?
Technology has advanced wireless audio quality to amazing levels.  Your caller won't be able to tell you're on a wireless headset as you roam your office.

How do I get my headset to answer a call when I'm away from my desk?
Order the Plantronics HL10 Handset Lifter or a compatible Electronic Hook Switch Cable (EHS) for remote answer and hang-up capabilities.  Call 1-800-914-7996 for compatibility or see our available options on the HL10/EHS Cables product pages. 


CS540 Headset Insider Info:

TECH REVIEW - The first thing about this amazing headset is it can be worn in two different ways, making it  "convertible".  It comes with a headband and ear loops/buds, for those who prefer to wear it around the ear.  Since the CS540 is the lightest headset on the market, you can wear it either way and almost forget you have it on!  In addition it gives you 7 hours of talk time (set on Narrowband) to get you through a busy day.  Placing it on the charging base while you are at lunch, or its not in use, helps to extend the talk time.  The CS540 headset has an optional setting of Wideband (for newer phones that support Wideband) to give you the highest possible audio quality (talk time drops to 4 hours), while Narrowband gives you the longer battery life.  You have up to 350 feet of roaming distance from the charging base, which will greatly increase your productivity!  The 6.0 DECT technology helps eliminate Wi-Fi interference, and allows you to have up to 38 units in one area before you start diminishing your range.  If you need to have other colleagues on a call with you, you can easily conference an additional three CS500 series headsets at one time.  Also you have volume and mute controls on the earpiece, so no matter where you are you can adjust the volume accordingly.  This headset is equipped with all the technology of today, and more.


HOW TO INSTALL - The setup of the headset is quick and easy, and can be done in a matter of minutes.  It is as simple as attaching the A/C power adapter into the base and then plugging it in the wall. Then you connect the interface cable between the phone and base.  On the bottom of the charging base you have two dials, one adjusts the volume on the microphone, and the other adjusts the speaker volume, so you can adjust them even while on a call.  There is also a compatibility slide switch that comes preset set on "A" as a default, but if that doesn't work with your phone, then slide it to the appropriate letter.  How do you know which setting works best?  If you don't get a dial tone or the sound is not clear when set on "A" then slide it to the letter that gives you the clearest sound.

We suggest visiting our Installation Walk-Through for step-by-step instructions with pictures to make setup quick and easy.


HOW TO STORE - The charging base and headset sit discreetly on your desk not taking up much space at all. At lunch, the end of your day, and any other time you remove the headset, it's best to place it back in its charging dock.  This keeps it safe, and you'll always be able to quickly grab it should another call come in.  This also allows it to charge when not in use, so you can get the most battery life possible when using.


HOW TO CLEAN - When cleaning your headset, be sure to always use non-alcohol chemicals or wipes.  Using alcohol-based products over time will break down the plastics, and can dull or damage the finish.  You can use a very soft, non-abrasive cloth to clean or polish the base so it maintains its sleek appearance, as well as the headset.


WHO USES THIS MODEL - The CS540 wireless headset system is by far our most popular and best-selling due to the fact that it is so light, sleek, and discreet looking.  Because of its versatility and multiple wearing styles (there is also a behind-the-head neckband which can be purchased separately -- P/N 84606-01), it can be used by the home office entrepreneur or the multi-tasking office worker, the valet who parks your car or the CEO of a major corporation.  You will always sound professional, as no one will ever know you are on a headset!


Plantronics CS540 Wireless Headset System:

Choose from an Over-the-Head or Over-the-Ear wearing style
Lightest wireless headset on the market - weighs only 21 grams
Up to 350 feet of range to roam your office and improve productivity
Speaker volume & mute controls at your fingertips allow adjustments remotely
Adaptive power system optimizes the headset for the perfect balance between range and talk time
Voice-dedicated DECT technology eliminates Wi-Fi interference
Advanced wideband audio using CAT-iq technology enables clearer conversations
Conference up to three additional CS headsets to have co-workers join calls quickly and easily
Noise-canceling microphone reduces background noise to your caller
CS540 headset provides 7 hours of continuous talk time
Compatible with most phones
Optional HL10 Handset Lifter or EHS cable allows for remote answer

*Base reads Plantronics C054 or Plantronics co54 - References CS540 only


What comes in the box:

Wireless headset (86179-01)
Headband w/ cushion (84605-01)
Pre-installed battery (86180-01)
Ear tips (86540-01)
Charging base
A/C power cord (81423-01)
Telephone Interface Cable (86007-01


What the lights indicate:

Base: Bottom-Left = Solid GREEN when in use
    = Solid RED when microphone is muted
  Bottom-Middle = Solid WHITE when power connected
  Bottom-Right = Solid GREEN indicates headset is fully charged
    = Flashing GREEN indicates headset is properly docked and charging
Headset:   = Flashes GREEN when in use


Additional Information
Inventory at start of day 116
Compatibility Office Desk Phone
Talk Time 7 hrs
Stand By Time No
Roam Distance 350 ft
Headset Style Single Ear, Over-the-Ear
Headset Weight 21 grams
Part # 84693-01 (base reads c054 / co54)
Brand Plantronics
UPC 017229134768
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