Bluetooth Density

BLUETOOTH: There should be no deployment issues if the number of headsets in an area is below 25. However, even if there are fewer than 25 headsets, we recommend you to make sure there is at least 1–1.5 m / 3.3–5 ft between bases.

Comfortable Headset

If there are 25 or more headsets, areas and base separation distances grow proportionally with the number of headsets up to a limit of 220: 26-80 headsets require an area of 4–9 m2 / 43–97 sq ft per headsets 81–220 headsets require an area of 9 m2 / 97 sq ft per headsets More than 220 headsets require an area of 16 m2 / 172 sq ft per headset

Lower headset utilization, say less than 50%, means you can double the number of headsets within an area. If you have any further questions, contact us. Shop our Bluetooth headsets here.

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