Headsets and Compatibility

When first learning about headsets and compatibility, it was amazing how much there was to learn about all the abilities that headsets could provide their users.  Learning about wearing styles and why one style might be a better fit over another style. What the benefits of a wireless headset are verses a corded option. It was all very interesting and I still feel like I never stop learning.

Prior to Headsets Direct, I never knew how important it was to make sure the headset solution you choose will be a compatible fit with the phone you’ll be using.  It was impressing by how much work  goes into testing hundreds of phones with different cables and amplifiers offered by Plantronics. Having the right compatibility makes all the different between having a well functioning, pleasing, productive headset experience or a very frustrating one.


Here at Headsets Direct, we take making sure your headset buying experience is a happy one from the very start; starting with making sure that your headset is going to work for you  when you receive it.


We’ll put in that extra effort to check and be sure your headset will be compatible for you.  When you call, or email, give us the make and model number of your phone and we will gladly refer to our compatibility guide. This will help us make sure that you are getting the correct Direct Connect Cable for your Corded H-Series Headsets. If a wireless headset is more your speed, we will check into one of the EHS Cables Plantronics offers, or if a Handset Lifter can be used instead.


Compatibility should be the first step towards matching you up with your perfect headset, while knowing you can trust and rely on the company you are purchasing your headsets from.


We’re here to assist with any of your compatibility questions (and more), so please give us a call. We’d love to hear from you!

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