Jabra Product Update: Jabra Handset 450 End of Manufacturing (EOM)

Product: Jabra Handset 450
Subject: End of Manufacturing (EOM) of Jabra Handset 450
Date: October 18, 2019

Announcing the End of Manufacturing for Jabra Handset

We would like to announce the End of Manufacturing (EOM) of all remaining versions of the Jabra Handset 450, as a result of the discontinuation of certain key components used in its production.

End of Manufacturing Information

While initial supply of impacted components was planned to carry demand through the end of 2020, the plan has been adjusted to reflect the availability of components which is set to last through the end of Q2, June 2020. This means that the EOM date for the Handset will now be March 31, 2020.

After Market Service (AMS)

Based on the current run-rate, the estimated AMS End of Life (EOL) date, defined as the date when after-market support for a product will end, is September 30, 2022. This is dependent on when the last product is sold and may also be affected by other factors such as extended availability agreements.

Product Alternatives

There is no direct product alternative. Specific SKUs going EOM are listed below:

Product Item No. Region Expected AMS EoL
Jabra Handset 450 990-012-04 EMEA/ Australia Sept 30, 2022​
990-012-05 NA
990-012-06 APAC (Japan)


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