Healthier Headset Solution for Shared Workspaces

It seems like a lot of companies are moving toward part-time / work sharing schedules for their employees. So while they come in at different times, they would share the same desk and telephone. We will discuss a healthier solution for shared workspaces.

While that solution can cut down on overhead business costs, it may pose a problem in other areas of your business. For example if your employees are missing work because of the shared office equipment they use; passing viruses and such. It’s especially bad during cold and flu season.

With the solution I’m going to share with you, you’ll be able to cut down on office shared illness and keep your office working and humming with happier, healthier employees.

Depending on how you set up your work sharing schedules, you can have your morning worker use their wireless headset through their morning to keep them productive during their shift. Then when the afternoon worker arrives for their shift, they will be able to use the same phone and charging base, but they would use their own headset instead.  This system will keep them much healthier and hopefully with less sick days, all because they are not sharing a headset.  It’s a great solution for everyone! Here are the items you would need.

  1. One Wireless Headset System. We have many to choose from. For this example I’d look at the CS510 Wireless Headset System:
  2. One Spare Headset. In this case, that would be the CS510 Spare Headset:
  3. You’ll need a Cradle to set the spare headset into:
  4. The Cradle fits into this Charging Base:The charging base comes with an A/C power cable.

You can set this spare headset system up in another area on the desk – and when the 2nd user comes in to work, they would pick up their spare headset from the spare charging base and drop it into the main charging base to pair and they will be able to pick up phone calls and dial out for the rest of their shift. They will need to put their headset back into their spare charging unit when done, and return the original users headset to the main base so it will be charged and ready for them in the morning. This is a cost effective, healthier solution for shared workspaces and will keep your employees happier and healthier.

You can do this set up with any of our CS500 Series, W700 Series or W8200 Series headsets.  Please give us a call and we’ll be happy to set you up with the solution that’s perfect for your office.

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