Plantronics C325.1 PC & Mobile Phone Headset

The Plantronics C325.1 makes for a great PC & 3.5mm mobile phone or tablet headset.

The new Plantronics Blackwire C325.1 (SKU # 204446-02) headset is a dual-ear, entry-level priced headset. This headset is unique in that it will plug into your PC through the USB port, and it will plug into your mobile phone using a 3.5 millimeter jack.


The Blackwire C325.1 headset has a noise-canceling microphone. The microphone is flexible, so you can rotate it so it can fit on either the right or left side of your head. The microphone is also bendable to help you get the best mic positioning, so your caller will hear you better.

This versatile headset also has soft, leatherette ear cushions that fold flat for easy storage in the included carrying case for travel.

Having both ears covered gives you better sound quality, because it balances the sound. You can stay focused on your caller better, because you don’t have one ear open. This keeps you from being distracted by things going on around you. You can hear your caller more accurately and not have to repeat information. In the louder office environment , it becomes more critical to block out all background noise, and with the noise-canceling mic, your callers can hear you better.

The Plantronics C325.1 also has in-line volume control, so you have a control for volume up and volume down. It has a mute button and a call control button. The call control button is important if you are using software or a soft phone. When a call comes in, you simply press the call control button to take the call; you don’t even have to touch your mouse. This makes it very convenient for soft phone users.

The headset terminates in a USB port , so you simply plug and play into any PC or Mac. In a matter of seconds it downloads the drivers, you set it as your audio device, and you’re up and going. So it works really well if you have migrated to unified communications. If you are using VoIP or a soft phone, you simply plug it in, set it, and it becomes your everyday business-grade headset. You will find you benefit by using a headset on a PC, so you’re not blasting away using external speakers, so your calls are not broadcast and remain private.

Now what is really unique about this headset is you pull it apart at the inline controls, and one part stays behind at your PC. Now you have all the great benefits of this headset to be used on your mobile phone also. This headset plugs into any iPhone , Samsung, or tablet device, so you get all the same benefits with this headset that you have on your PC. So if you are taking mixed calls from a soft phone and a mobile phone, you can use one headset for both applications. This also means you can take this headset with you, plug it into your phone and be walking down the street or talking in the car. The Plantronics C325.1 headset is a great headset for both PC and mobile phone use.

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