Why You Need The Plantronics HW251N Noise-Canceling Corded Headset? And more headset info from Headsets Direct.

Why the HW251N Noise-Canceling headset makes for an excellent office headset in a noisy environment:

Hi, Wayne again from Headsets Direct and a quick video on why you need the Plantronics HW251N. So first off here is the HW251N, and the reason you need this headset is it is truly one of the work horse headsets in the Plantronics line. It is made for all-day wearing comfort; you can beat it up, and it’s going to last forever, so you get great value. It makes you hands free, so you can be more productive on writing or typing whatever you may need with the headset. So a little bit more about it — it is, as you can see, a head band style with the speaker on one ear, so at least your other ear is open so you can talk to people around you. The foam cushion is really soft and secure against your head, and you have a clothing clip. You can clip it on real easy.  This helps keep the headset secure as well, because as you pull the bottom cord it stops at the clothing clip, so it leaves the cable here, not pulling the headset or re-positioning it.

You also have a quick disconnect at the end of the cable and this is important to understand.  This is what the cable terminates in, so you also need either an amplifier or a direct connect cable. So give us a call and we can help you with compatibility to find out which one of those two pieces you need to complete the set, because by itself this headset won’t physically won’t plug into your phone. You need either an amplifier or a direct connect cable. One of the key features of this headset is the noise-canceling microphone, and the HW251N mike actually targets your voice, and it also determines background noise around you so it optimizes your caller’s experience so you hear your voice over everything else around you.  So great feature in an average-to-loud office environment. If you are in a quite environment, you want to take a look at the HW251 headset, and you can check that out at one of our other videos that is made for a quieter environment.  So this particular headset with a noise-canceling mike is made for a louder environment.

As far as positioning goes, you want to put at the corner of your mouth, roughly a quarter of an inch away, and the mike is also bendable and flexible so you can really get perfect positioning every time.

So again this is the HW251N headset by Plantronics.  It is part of the wideband series, so that gives you better audio if your phone supports wideband.  It is very durable, very comfortable, a great productivity booster in your office.

If you have questions on this or any other headsets please give us a call at Headsets Direct 1800-914-7996 or visit online www.headsetsdirect.com.


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