Resetting the Dial Pad on Your CT14 Cordless Headset

CT901, CT10, CT12, CT14 Cordless Headsets  — What do these numbers bring to mind?  The progression of Plantronics’ efforts to provide an affordable cordless telephone with headset.  But, like all wireless connections, the link between the base and remote can sometimes break down causing, in this case, the dial pad to function incorrectly.  So if you’re having trouble with a particular dial pad, or perhaps you’re replacing a dial pad, following these instructions should help get you up and running.

First, you want to clear the registration information from the base and dial pad.

1) Press and hold “END” and “#” buttons for at least five seconds

2) Select “Base Unavailable”

3) Select the base which you want to de-register from and press “MENU/SEL”

4) Then the phone will ask you to confirm the de-registration, select “Yes”

5) The dial pad deletes its own base information without contacting the base

If the dial pad was registered to only one base, then it will display: “Dial pad not registered — place dial pad on base to register.  See your Owner’s Manual for help.”  (Note:  If the dial pad is still registered to a second base, it searches for that other base and then returns to standby)

Now, to re-register your dial pad so you can start using it again:

1) Place the dial pad in the base cradle for several seconds

2) When the dial pad has registered to the base, the LCD window will display “Registration complete”, then show the dial pad ID number (if the display shows “Registration failed”, try the process again).

If you need further assistance or want to learn more about the complete line of Plantronics products, contact Headsets Direct at 800-914-7996.

For more information, please see:  Plantronics CT14 Cordless Telephone

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  1. Thank you for your help. I had purchased a reconditioned CT14 and the window had searching on it. I called 866-363-2583 for help and they were not understanding or helpful. I found you by searching and followed directions and now my phone is working. I am so grateful for your site and help.

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