New Plantronics CS500-XD Series Wireless Headset Review

Well, Plantronics is at it again.  To address the wireless headset density issue in the office, they’ve introduced the new CS500-XD Series Wireless Headset.  It’s the perfect solution for fitting more wireless headsets in an office while maintaining the clear conversations Plantronics headsets are known for.  The headsets use 900MHz technology that allows for the highest number of channels, and they offer up to 350 feet of roaming distance.  Add an HL10 handset lifter or EHS cable (depending on the model of phone) and you have total control no matter where the wireless headset takes you.  They currently come in four models: CS510-XD, CS520-XD, CS540-XD and CS545-XD (this model includes a spare battery and charging cable for unlimited talk time).  Let’s see what other distinctive features set these wireless headsets apart.

Unlike the older CS50, now you can conference in up to 3 additional CS500-XD Series Wireless Headsets for added collaboration.

Models CS540-XD and CS545-XD are some of the lightest wireless headsets on the market (21 grams) and come with three different wearing options (neckband sold separately) that fit anyone’s personal style.

With enhanced digital signal processing (DSP) for a more natural sounding voice and noise canceling microphones to reduce background noise, you’re ensured excellent audio quality and less listener fatigue.  And they all come with SoundGuard to protect against sound levels above 118dBA.

You can choose narrowband mode to preserve talk time (between 6 hours for CS540-XD and 8.5 hours for CS510-XD/CS520-XD) or wideband mode for more clear conversation.  An adaptive power system optimizes range and talk time by automatically using less power when the wireless headset is close to the base, thus saving battery life.  Of course, model CS545-XD comes with a spare battery and charger for unlimited talk time.

When you back these features with the Plantronics one year warranty and legendary customer service from Headsets Direct, then the new CS500-XD Series Wireless Headset is your high-quality solution for fitting more wireless headsets in the office.


For more information, please see:  Plantronics CS500-XD Series Wireless Headsets

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