Plantronics Family of Commercial Aviation Headsets

Three Great Products Deliver Superior Sound Quality, Comfort and Reliability for Commercial Aviation Pilots

Plantronics, Inc. (NYSE:PLT) portfolio of headsets for the commercial aviation industry include three great models to choose from. The three headsets are approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and continue the company’s tradition of delivering superior communication products within the aerospace and aviation industries. The headsets provide pilots excellent sound quality, comfort and reliability, enabling clear communications between air and ground.

“Plantronics’ Specials Group has a legacy of delivering customized headsets for mission-critical applications such as aviation and aerospace, emergency dispatch, military personnel, among many others,” said Mike Erbe, director of Special Products at Plantronics. “We listened to the needs of pilots and developed a new suite of lightweight products that emphasize comfort, reliability and audio clarity for commercial aviation communications.”

Plantronics has more than 40 years of aviation communication expertise and has supplied headsets to air traffic controllers since 1965. In 1999 the FAA selected Plantronics to be its sole provider of headsets for Air Traffic Control. The new family of commercial aviation headsets incorporates noise-canceling sound technology and new designs and ergonomics to meet the unique needs of commercial pilots, such as comfort during long-haul flights and sound quality with both ATC and cabin communications. All of the new products are certified by the FAA to comply with the stringent TSO C57a and C58a specifications, and incorporate a new lightweight cable that is more flexible and durable.

The Plantronics commercial aviation headsets are:


Plantronics MS200

The Plantronics MS200 headset combines a unique lightweight design and advanced technology to deliver the ultimate in comfort and reliability. The MS200 uses a compact, under-the-ear design, and utilizes a noise-canceling microphone that enables clear transmissions from the pilot to the tower. It is convenient to carry and stow, and features the Plantronics Flex Grip® to ensure a secure, comfortable fit for extended wear.


Plantronics MS250 and Plantronics MS260

The Plantronics MS250 and MS260 commercial aviation headsets leverage a proven design to provide unparalleled comfort and reliability for pilots. Both products use over-the-head designs to offer a stable fit for extended wear. The MS250 uses a monaural design for convenient cockpit conversations, while the MS260 uses a binaural design for maximum audio clarity. Like the MS200, both the MS250 and MS260 include noise-canceling microphones for excellent transmission clarity.


The MS250 has a suggested list price of US $230 and the MS260 has a suggested list price of US $260.

“I used the MS200 and found it to be light weight and comfortable,” said Rick Perry, A320 Captain. “The audio reception was the best I have ever had in my 26 years of flying. ATC was asked many times on the quality of transmissions and most responses were excellent — one ATC controller said the audio was ‘near perfect’.”

The new products augment Plantronics’ existing line of award-winning aviation headsets — the MS50 and MS30 — and provide pilots with a greater variety of wearing styles to fit their preferences. The Plantronics MS50 and MS30 commercial aviation headsets have been popular choices for pilots for more than 40 years. The MS30 features an over-the-ear design, while the MS50 offers a choice of wearing configurations that include a headband and an eyeglass clip.

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