Microsoft Lync Communication Platform

Microsoft Lync became available in January 2011.  It was formerly called Microsoft Office Communicator.  The full-featured desktop version of the client requires Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or newer.  It is an instant messaging client used with Microsoft Lync Server or Lync Online.  It’s available with Microsoft Office 365 and Live@Edu.  It is a replacement for Windows Messenger, which is an expanded feature set that is targeted toward corporate environments.

Basic features include instant messaging, Voice Over IP, and Video Conferencing inside the client software.  Advanced features are related to integration with other Microsoft software like Microsoft Outlook.

Here are a few things that Microsoft Lync can do or be used for:

  • You can retrieve your contact lists if stored in a Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • Microsoft Office can show if other people are working on the same document.
  • Secure communication between the clients is done through a Microsoft Lync Server, so the message never leaves the corporate intranet, unlike with the Internet-based Windows Live Messenger.
  • A number of client types are available, including mobile clients.
  • Sharing of files is allowed, so teams of people can see and simultaneously work on the same documents and communications session.  This is accomplished with collaboration through Whiteboard and PowerPoint documents.
  • Desktop sharing by allowing participants to see and collaborate on your window screen.

We sell several Plantronics products that are compatible with Microsoft Lync and Microsoft Office Communicator.  The W730-M wireless headset, W740-M wireless headset, Blackwire C435-M computer headset for Lync, and the P240-M USB Handset for Microsoft Lync are the products that we carry.

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