Peer-to-Peer Devices

Wouldn’t it be nice if all computer and electronic devices were on an even playing field.  That no computer would be looked down on (perhaps because he may have a little age on him) but be on the same level as its peers, actually communicate peer-to-peerPeer-to-Peer devices…what are we talking about here with regards to today’s communication technology?

You could say that peer-to-peer networking is the approach wherein all computers share the same responsibility for processing data.  This networking (also known as peer networking) differs from the current client-server networking, where certain devices have the responsibility for providing or “serving” data while other devices consume or act as “clients” of those devices.

Computers in a peer-to-peer network use the same protocols and software.  Peer networks are oftentimes situated physically near to each other, most typically in homes, small businesses or schools. Some peer networks, however, use the Internet and can be located anywhere in the world.  Hybrid peer-to-peer (and client-server) devices are home networks that utilize broadband routers that provide centralized Internet connection sharing.   File, printer, and other resource sharing is managed directly between the local computers within the network.

What are some of the benefits of peer-to-peer communication devices?  First, you can configure computers in peer-to- peer workgroups to allow sharing of files, printers, and other resources throughout all the devices in the workgroup.  Also, peer networks allow data to be shared easily in both directions, whether you want to download it to your computer or upload it from your computer to another.  On the internet, peer-to-peernetworks can handle a very high volume of file sharing traffic by distributing the load across many computers.  Since they do not rely exclusively on central servers, peer networks scale better and are more flexible than client-server networks in case of failures or bottlenecks when sharing information.

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