How do I Connect My HW291N Headset to a Computer Inexpensively?

Question: I like the sound of my HW291N (Updated to HW710) headset but is there an inexpensive way to connect it to my computer?  Also, I want it to be able to connect to the USB port on my computer.

Solution: You don’t have to look very far, my friend.  Plantronics has a very simple user-friendly solution — the DA40 (Updated DA70) USB adapter.  The DA40 (Updated DA70) USB adapter is the most economical enterprise-class solution available for connecting your headset to a computer.  This entry-level solution fits into contact centers and enterprises anywhere and everywhere.  Its high-quality audio translates to smoother, more concise customer communications and improved satisfaction for the user.  And don’t let the term entry-level fool you, the DA40 USB adapter offers wideband compatibility for crisp audio sound and lower listener fatigue.  This low cost adapter works with all Plantronics H-series headsets, including the latest wideband models, to deliver outstanding audio quality, reliability and a choice of wearing styles, something you don’t see even in higher priced brands.  Connecting up the plug-and-play USB adapter cord is as simple as… well, plug and play.  Now you’re free to experience the legendary quality of a Plantronics headset.

Contact the sales team at Headsets Direct (800-914-7996) to learn more about the DA40 USB adapter, the DA60 (Updated DA80) upgrade or any of the latest headsets from Plantronics for the office, your home or on the go.

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