Headsets Directs Wireless Headset Training Adapter 03929-63

Headsets Direct developed a product several years ago that allows you to use your Plantronics wireless headsets for training purposes. This little device, part number 03929-63, will work on just about any office phone that your Plantronics wireless headset works on. It’s really very simple to set up and use. It allows you to choose which headset you would like live and which headset you would like muted. With two Plantronics wireless headsets each person could be sitting at their own desk while on the same call, just keep in mind the headsets need to be within range of both bases and the two bases will be on one desk connected to one phone. You could also leave both headsets live (maybe for a mini conference call).

HDI’s wireless training adapter can be used on a wide range of Plantronics wireless and corded products. Note: I’m not sure if other brands of headsets will work with this wireless training adapter, as Plantronics is the only brand we sell. In most scenarios the training adapter plugs into the HANDSET Jack on your phone.

Here are a few examples of Plantronics products that can be used on the wireless training adapter:

1. Wireless headsets; two are needed.

2. Some of Plantronics corded products without a quick disconnect:  Like the S11  and S12 units; in the past there was not a way to train on either of these units with two headsets in use. (There are a couple different ways to set up the training adapter when using the S11 and S12 units.)

3. Use one wireless headset and your telephone’s HANDSET receiver.

4. Use one wireless headset and one vista amplifier with headset.

Note: If using one vista amplifier and two H-series headsets, it is best to go with the Plantronics

Y-Training adapter.

If you have any questions about the Headsets Directs training adapter please give us a call, any of our sales team will be more than happy to help you — 800-914-7996.

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