A10 Direct Cable 66268-03

Question:  What cord do I use with my Avaya 18D telephone?  I see that there are recommended items but I am not sure what to use.

Answer: If you have used our compatibility guide you will see that there are a couple of options.  Once you have picked which headset style you prefer and determined what your environment is (noisy or quiet), you are ready to decide which cable or amplifier you wish to use.

You stated that you are looking for a cable, the cable that works specifically with the Avaya 18D telephone is an A10 cable; part number 66268-03.  The A10 is the most common cable from Plantronics.  This has a QD (quick disconnect), which is a trademark for them.  The A10 cable will not work with other brands of headsets. On one end is the phone-type plug that will plug into the phone’s headset jack.  The other end is connected to the headset. By using this cable, you will utilize the controls that are pre-programmed into the phone.  Once this is done you are set to use your headset and cable; they will stretch about 10 feet.

There are some accessories that you may want to consider when using an A10 cable.  An in-line mute connector that has a QD (quick disconnect) on either end is quite handy when you are about to sneeze and don’t want your customer to hear; part number 27708-01.  Another accessory that might be helpful is a headset storage bag that can be used to help keep your desk tidy when you are not there; part number 33247-02.

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