Plantronics MX10 Multimedia Amplifier

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to use one headset with your computer and your office phone without needing two different headsets on your desk? Take a look at Plantronics MX10 multimedia amplifier. This amplifier will work on your single or multi-line office telephones and computers. It delivers excellent audio quality for Skype, Windows Live or Yahoo Messenger Internet calling and is compatible with popular PC sound cards. The SoundGuard Plus sound compression protects you from harsh noises, like fax tones. On the computer side you can listen to music, record a call, use it for voice recognition, and sound recording.

Headsets Direct offers a large selection of Poly H-Top Headsets that are compatible with this amplifier.

It’s just a push of a button to switch back and forth between your computer and your office phone. You can choose to use the handset or the headset.  For use on office phone: Just keep in mind, to answer or place a call on your office phone when using the headset you will need to lift the phone’s handset off the cradle and place it on your desk, then place the handset back in the phone’s cradle  when you are finished with your call.  Also note: The Switcher amplifier is not designed to work on telephones that have the dial pad in the handset or on cordless telephones.

The MX10 multimedia amplifier comes with some great features; like a mute button for when you need a moment, volume control for you to be able to hear your caller loud and clear, and volume control for your microphone, which increases/decreases the sound of your voice. You can also use the MX10 amplifier for training purpose if using a Plantronics Y-Training adapter (p/n: 27019-03). You can make adjustments on the MX10’s default settings to make sure it’s compatible with your phone.

If you have any questions on the Plantronics MX10 Multimedia Amplifier just give us a call at Headsets Direct; any of our knowledgeable sales people will be more than happy to help you.

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