The Plantronics Gamecom 777, Not Just a Headset

Gamecom 777 Not just a Headset

Gamecom 777 from Plantronics is a gaming headset that is most preferred by gamers.  There are several reasons for this. The comfort of wearing this headset was great. After plugging in the USB adapter to the computer I was set to go.  It was automatically installed on the computer, not having to download or run anything. Rather nice to have technology work with a simple touch. You plug the wires in to the USB adapter card, very simple, match the picture with the picture. Both the speakers and microphone are aligned with a single cable attached to the earpiece. The cable does have a headphone clothing wire clip so that it can be hooked to you shirt or pants.  The microphone can be concealed by pushing up into the headset.  Believe me you want the headset so that your game can be loud, and realistic using the Dolby Digital 7.1 surround sound.  Yes you really do feel it.

The open ear headset style gives you an advantage of totally being immersed in the audio and not just the speakers setting on your desk top.  You hear your opponents before they are seen on screen. This is good for the stealth of some of those on line games. Having the headset on is different from actually having  the speakers around you like in the movie theater.  You will like having the difference in your ears though.

I watched a movie at the airport, while using my Gamecom777 and I did not care about the long line waiting for the plane, I just tucked up in my chair for the duration. The music from the movie was extraordinary!  All I needed was the popcorn. You forget that you are not sitting in a theater, the sound just flows through you.  That is how you feel.  If you have the time, the imagination, and the power that you feel wearing this, I believe you will enjoy this headset.

Listen to the classic music, the notes are just there. You feel as if you are at the concert, the quietness of nature, sitting under the stars, music floating through time.  Any of the artists that you prefer, will all sound great on this headset, because this headset is not just for gaming.

Ok, time to check on the parents; see if they are doing well in Miami, Maine, or Prescott, Az. Just flip on the Gamecom 777 tune in to the Plantronics Skype application on the computer, dial away, and talk to your mum & dad. They just informed you that your sister is graduating from the university, better call her too.  This can be considered a skype headset with microphone.

When reviewing any Plantronics product, think of us at Headsets Direct.  You will find your tech support specialists here.  We use, we learn, or we find the answer that you seek.  Please call, email or chat with us.

Technical details include:

  • A lightweight frame and specially designed ear pods that redistribute pressure around the ear itself.
  • It is styled with rugged, military grade design and extra sturdy cords.
  • Noise cancelling microphone.
  • Dolby Headphone Technology transforms two channel stereo into a kick-ass seven channel full range experience for game, music, and movies.
  • Inline volume and mute.

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