The Problem: Getting a New Employee Quickly Trained for Customer Service. The Solution: Headset Y-Training Cord

I was talking to a customer of a small insurance agency about a problem he was having with getting a new employee quickly up to speed to assist clients with questions from incoming calls.  The challenge as he described it is every time we have a new hire, or even expand job duties during times of downsizing, there is a need to have an employee be able to learn how to handle calls, answer questions and provide necessary answers to clients.  In his current situation, the new person would sit next to an experienced co-worker in a cubical for weeks while they listened to one side of the conversation.  After the call, most of the time is spend repeating the conversation so the new employee can hear what the caller was asking and what answer was provided.  Hearing the problem, I was easily able to offer a solution of a Headset Y-Training Cable

They were already using headsets in the office, so a simple $39.95 cable was the only necessary equipment.  A headset y-training cable allows you to plug two headsets into one telephone.  Both headsets will be able to hear the phone conversation, but only one microphone will be live while the other is muted.  There is a toggle switch in the Y-cord that allows you to control which microphone is live.  For this situation, the experienced worker will have the live microphone and carry on normal conversations with clients.  The new hire, or trainee, will listen into the call and now have the ability to hear both sides of the conversation making a gigantic step forward in the learning curve of what to say and how to respond to clients because now you’re hearing the entire conversation instead of a one sided conversation as before.  As you can see for an extremely small investment, you can increase the speed of training and have new employees up and going on their own in a fraction of time with the use of a headset y-training cable.

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