Using the Plantronics Savi Office wireless headset system with SKYPE

A customer recently ask if they could use a Savi Office system with SKYPE?

The Plantronics Savi Office systems such as the WO100, WO200, WO300 and WO350 integrate very nicely with software programs and provide a great solution as a Skype headset.  Of course you want to make sure that the headset has charged and all of the cables are installed, including the USB cable that plugs into your computer which allows you to use the Savi for any audio / sound applications.  (And of course you will need an internet connection, broadband is best)  One step to make sure that you are getting the most out of the Plantronics Savi Office system and Skype headset is to make sure that you download SKYPE on your computer first, before loading the Savi PerSono Suite software that comes with the Savi systems.  If you have already loaded the Plantronics PerSono Suite Savi software first, you may want to uninstall it and re-load it once SKYPE has been downloaded to your computer.  I know that this sounds trivial, but the downloading / loading sequence really does make a difference.  You can download the latest version of SKYPE at  , you will need to set up your SKYPE account with a user name and password.  With SKYPE, you can call other SKYPE users (computer to computer) for free or you can set up an account with your credit card and pay just a few dollars a month to be able to call regular phone numbers (land lines) all across the country, the monthly low fee includes long distance as well.  Once you have SKYPE downloaded on your computer, you are now ready to load the Plantronics PerSono Suite Savi software.

When the Savi software is loaded, SKYPE will pop up a “prompt box” and say something like “another software program is trying to use SKYPE”, it will be the Plantronics PerSono software and you will want to click on the appropriate box to allow it to use or merge with SKYPE.  Once the two softwares are merged, SKYPE will have automatically chosen Savi as it’s default device.  At this point, the Savi has now become your Skype headset and is ready for use. To manually appoint a headset to SKYPE or see what is named as the default, click on the “Call” tab in the SKYPE software (towards the top of the screen) and then click on “Audio Settings”.  Here is where you can make adjustments within the SKYPE software and also see the default devices for “Microphone”, “Speakers”, and “Ringing”.

Add people to your “contacts” by using their “SKYPE name” for free computer to computer calls, these can also be video calls if both parties have a webcam.  And making a call to a regular telephone number is easy too, just click on the “Call phones” tab on the lower left side of the SKYPE screen and it will open your on screen dial pad.  You can use your mouse to enter the number and then click “call” or just use your ten key (numbers on your keyboard) and just press “enter” (on your keyboard), and your Savi headset will automatically turn on for you.  And to end the call, just press the button on the headset, just like using it on your telephone.  That’s it, pretty easy!  (Please remember that to make regular phone calls, you will need to provide a credit card to get “SKYPE Credit”)

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  1. Using Savi Office WO100 and Skype under Windows 7. The headset works fine for microphone and speaker. However, I get that “Another application (PerSonoSuite.exe) is attempting…” and I can’t get rid of it. No box comes up with choices to allow these programs to merge. The warning is annoying and it takes part of my video screen away.

    How do I merge them?

    • Usually that is the box for merging, “Another application (PerSonoSuite.exe) is attempting…” You just accept it to say it’s ok, and that typically merges everything. However since we are not all that familiar with Windows 7, I would suggest calling Plantronics (1-800-544-4660) to speak to someone in their dedicated computer department, as they may be the best source of help for this particular instance.

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