The Plantronics HW251 & HW261 headsets look the same as the H251 & H261; what is the difference?

Plantronics HW251 & HW261 Wideband Headsets:

Problem: Our company has been ordering the H251 & H261 headsets for several years and we are very happy with them.  When I went on line to reorder some headsets I noticed that they have been discontinued.   The HW251 & HW261 look like the same thing; what is the difference?

Solution: The H251 & H261 have been very popular headsets over a number of years.  However, Plantronics is always looking to improve on a good thing, so they have updated the SupraPlus to the HW251 and the HW261.  The “W” in the newer models stands for Wideband Frequency.  When a headset has wideband capability it provides cutting edge VoIP technologies, featuring wideband receivers to deliver improved speech clarity and life-like fidelity.  Your conversations will have fewer listening errors, fewer repeats and less listener fatigue.  This new and improved technology is also compatible with older phone systems that have standard band environments and also the newest phone systems with wideband capability.  You will find the style is exactly the same as the older H251 & H261, and the newer units are still compatible with all of the Plantronics amplifiers and bottom cords.

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