Plantronics Practica T50 Replacement Headset Options

Practical Headset for a Plantronics Practica T50?

First, let me start off by saying that Plantronics does not recommend using any headsets on the Practica units other than the one that came with it.  However, since the Plantronics Practica A100, T100 and T50 units are discontinued, what are you supposed to do if your base still works great but you just need a replacement headset?   Well you could of course purchase a brand new complete system such as the Plantronics S11 or the Plantronics S12 which is like the Practica A100 that works with most single and multiline phones, or the Plantronics T110 which is a single line telephone like the Practica T50 and T100.  These systems can range from around $88.95 to $129.95 in price.

Now these are all really good systems, but it may seem kinda silly to throw the whole thing away just because the headset stopped working.  And that is usually the case, the headsets wear out (maybe because of the thin cord) but the bases are durable and last a long time.  So that being said, we have yet another option for you other than buying a complete new system…  This would be the Plantronics S11 replacement headset (model# 65388-02), which is around $29.95, considerably less than buying a complete new system.  The Plantronics S11 replacement headset is just a simple headband (over the head) headset that has a noise canceling microphone and covers one ear.  I have sold the Plantronics S11 replacement headset to several customers that still have the Plantronics Practica bases but were unable to find a replacement headset.  And so far, these have worked out very well.  Not to mention, a very budget friendly practical solution for the Plantronics Practicas.

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