How Plantronics amplifiers can simplify headset requirements within your office.

Simplifying your telephone headsets with Plantronics Amplifiers:


We have different brands of telephones in our office. It seems like each phone takes a different type of setup, some of the phones have a headset jack, some do not. What can we purchase to make all of our existing and future headsets universal to all of our phones?


Plantronics AmplifierIf you are looking for a corded solution, you will need to start with a Plantronics amplifier and headset. We carry a large selection of Plantronics headsets for you to choose from. Plantronics offers headsets with a voice tube for quiet environments as well as headsets with a noise canceling microphone for noisy environments (this headset will get rid of about 75% of your background noise). Plantronics offers amplifiers such as the M22 and AP15 that work on just about any office phone. The Poly amplifier will plug into the handset jack on each of your phones and the headset plugs into the quick disconnect cord on the amplifier. This will keep all of your setups universal and consistent for each phone. Just remember, since you are plugging into the handset jack, you will have to take your handset out of the cradle each and every time you take or make a call.

A Plantronics wireless headset and a handset lifter may be another way for your office to go. This would also be universal for almost any office phone. Headsets Direct’s most popular wireless headset is the CS55. This headset gives you 10 hours of talk time and up to 300 feet distance. The HL10 handset lifter will give you remote access to answering all of your calls.

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