Problem: Does my phone have a headset jack and if so what does it look like.

Solution: If you have a headset jack on your phone, it will either be an RJ9 (square like the handset jack) or round (usually 2.5mm in size). I’m talking about a corded phone (the handset has a cord attached and it’s plugged into the base of the phone) not a cordless phone.  Sometimes the jack is located right next to the handset jack or it could be on the underside of your phone, each manufacturer is different.

If you do have a headset jack, the next question is what type of headset will you need? You can use any of our H series headsets if you have a RJ9 (square jack). Our entire H series selection of headsets has a quick disconnect on the end of the cord, however, they have to be plugged into a bottom cord or amplifier. The best way to determine what connection you will need is to check out the compatibility guide on our website.  This site will tell you what type of cord or amplifier will work best with your phone.

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