Help? What headset will work best with my Cisco VOIP phone?

I need a headset for work that will do the following

1) Plug into a Cisco VOIP phone (the standard one you see everywhere)
2) Greatly amplify volume (so for example, if the call is very hard to hear even with phone’s volume blasting, headset would further amplify sound)
3) Has a mute button on board the headset
4) Cordless would rock but could live without it.

Answer:  If you have any of the 7940, 7960 or 7970 model Cisco phones, you can use just about any of the Plantronics wireless systems such as the CS55, CS70N, CS351N, CS361N, etc.  These wireless systems have a button for adjusting your listening volume and a mute button right on the the actual headset.  The wireless headset charger / base amplifier has independent controls for both your incoming and outgoing volume.

2 responses to “Help? What headset will work best with my Cisco VOIP phone?”

  1. I am hoping to get advice on what wired (plug into the phone) headsets will work with my office new Polycom VOIP phones. I like the old fashioned cushiony over the head two ear type of headset with great sound. Is there one out there that will work for me?

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