Top 5 Most Popular Plantronics Wireless Headsets for March 2011

1) CS55 – The Plantronics CS55 continues to be the most popular wireless headset for all the right reasons. Quality, reliability, comfort, distance, and talk time just to name a few.       2) CS70N – The Plantronics CS70N is small, light weight and very discrete. As you drive off in your car at … Continued

Using the Plantronics Savi Office wireless headset system with SKYPE

A customer recently ask if they could use a Savi Office system with SKYPE? The Plantronics Savi Office systems such as the WO100, WO200, WO300 and WO350 integrate very nicely with software programs and provide a great solution as a Skype headset.  Of course you want to make sure that the headset has charged and all … Continued