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Help in Finding that Perfect Wireless Headset

Headsets are such a personal item. Not only do you need to make sure they are functional with your communication needs; whether it be your desk phone, PC or mobile device, you also need to make sure they are so comfortable when you are wearing them that you don’t even notice you have them on. … Continued

Best Selling Headsets Q4-2019

Best selling headset lists are assembled to help users gain from the experience of others.  Typically when a company purchases headsets, they are simply adding to their existing supply.  The larger the company the more testing they’ve done.  So small companies and first-time purchasers now have a way to gain insight as to what others … Continued

What are my options for your best headset to use with my computer and VOIP:

PROBLEM: I need to purchase a good quality headset to use with my computer and VOIP.   What is your best computer headset? SOLUTION: You are asking a trick question because rarely is there one headset that is “best” for everyone.   Thank goodness Plantronics provides us with so many choices!   For example:  are you wanting a … Continued