EHS Cables & Handset Lifters

To get the most out of your wireless headset investment, be sure to consider a compatible Electronic HookSwitch (EHS) cable or handset lifter. The most important benefits include: 1) You receive incoming call alerts through your headset speaker 2) You can answer/hang-up calls away from your desk 3) They automate the process and simplify how … Continued

Adapting your headset to a New Phone System

You love your Plantronics corded headset.  It works wonderfully at making your life so much easier. No more achy shoulders and neck pain. You are able to be productive, using both your hands to type or take notes. It’s amazing how a device like a Plantronics corded headset makes your working environment so much better. … Continued

Headsets and Compatibility

When first learning about headsets and compatibility, it was amazing how much there was to learn about all the abilities that headsets could provide their users.  Learning about wearing styles and why one style might be a better fit over another style. What the benefits of a wireless headset are verses a corded option. It … Continued

Compatible Headsets for Yealink SIP Phones

Are you in the market for a new headset with remarkable quality for your Yealink IP phone? Look no further, Headsets Direct has both corded and wireless headsets that are compatible with Yealink desk phones. Corded headsets for your Yealink phone will most likely require the U10P-S direct connect cable and wireless headsets will need … Continued

Issues With Your Polycom Phone and Plantronics EHS Cable?

You are going to love your Plantronics wireless headset, along with the EHS cable you have just purchased to work with your Polycom phone. Be aware that some Polycom phones are not factory ready to accept EHS cables and you may need some assistance getting them set up and working.You’ll know if your Polycom phone … Continued

IPitomy phones and Plantronics Headsets

IPitomy (IP620-BG V3 & IP320 V3) phones are compatible with Plantronics CS500 or W700 series wireless headsets.  For remote answer/hangup, you also need IPitomy’s wireless headset adapter (BWM36). Plug the Plantronics Telephone Interface Cable (included with any Plantronics CS500 or W700 series) into the headset port on the back of the IPitomy phone. Plug the … Continued