Jabra Product Update: Jabra Xpress 2.0 and Jabra Direct 2.0

Product: Jabra Xpress 2.0 and Jabra Direct 2.0
Subject: Software updates in Q3 2019
Date: September 27, 2019

Announcing improvements to Jabra Xpress 2.0 and Jabra Direct 2.0

During Q3 in 2019, Jabra’s sound solution management systems for IT and enterprise end-users, Jabra Xpress 2.0 and Jabra Direct 2.0, have been enhanced to further enable users to manage and personalize Jabra solutions in a smart and secure way, completely free of charge.

We are pleased to share several improvements for Jabra Direct 2.0, including:

  1. Jabra PanaCast
  2. Call control for Zoom Meetings for Windows
  3. Microsoft Teams set as default softphone
  4. Net Promoter Score

All features are available as of today and further information can be found below.

1. Key Update: Jabra PanaCast

Users of Jabra PanaCast can now manage an control settings including run-time changes to the camera such as brightness and contrast. The Jabra Direct settings are saved directly in the camera, which means that these are available regardless of whether the camera is plugged into the PC.

Please note that Intelligent Zoom and Vivid HDR are pre-activated; if required these settings can be changed directly in Jabra Direct.

Jabra PanaCast will be available in Jabra Xpress in Q4 2019.

2. Call control for Zoom Meetings for Windows

We are now offering call control directly in Zoom Enterprise Video for all our USB solutions. The new offering is available for Zoom Meetings for Windows. This means that users can answer or reject incoming calls, mute, etc. using the control buttons on the Jabra solution.

3. Microsoft Teams set as default softphone

Microsoft Teams is now set as the default softphone in Jabra Direct. In line with Microsoft’s requirements, if both Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Skype for Business are installed on the same computer, Skype for Business will take precedence over Teams.

4. Net Promoter Score

Being a customer-centric organization, we are always very interested in our users’ feedback. Users of Jabra Direct can rate their experience within the framework of Net Promoter Score. We have now set up a reminder to new users after 30 days and again after +7 days if they have not yet rated Jabra Direct. The notification, together with a pending task, will appear in the feedback tab.


All updates will be available with immediate effect.

Jabra Direct 2.0 and Jabra Xpress 2.0 are both available free of charge:

Jabra Direct can be downloaded from https://www.jabra.com/software-and-services/jabra-direct

Jabra Xpress 2.0 can be downloaded from https://www.jabra.com/software-and-services/jabra-xpress



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