Headsets Direct Wireless Headset Training Adapter

You need to monitor your employees for training purposes, or quality control monitoring, but you have found that the Y-Training Cord just adds another long cable to the mix.  The thought has probably crossed your mind “How can you monitor employees with an easier, quicker, and less tangled mess of cables?”  Or maybe you have upgraded your office or call center to a state-of-the-art wireless headset system and now you don’t have cables…but you wonder how you can monitor wireless headsets with a Y-Training Cord.  Fret not my friends, there is an answer, and it is as easy as it is cost efficient.


Plantronics Y-Cord for Training

Here at Headsets Direct a Wireless Headset Training Adapter was created many years ago for internal purposes.  Every time a new employee would start, we had to revert back to corded headsets so they could listen in on calls to learn our products and customer service.  The original version was wires spliced together with duck tape so it’s come along ways since then!  The current version lets you mix and match various types of headsets and still be able to monitor your employees, regardless of whether it is corded or wireless!  Don’t get me wrong, the Y-Training Cord is, and has been, an excellent option for the purpose of monitoring calls, but if you are wireless,  you will definitely need a different solution.  So with that being said, let me tell you about the Headsets Direct Wireless Headset Training Adapter that you are going to love!


Wireless Headset Training Adapter

First and Foremost, the Wireless Headset Training Adapter is so small and light it can easily fit in the palm of your hand, so it will not take up any room on your desk.  Another great feature, it can work with wireless and corded headsets — even combined!  Another beautiful thing about the adapter is a supervisor can actually walk around with their wireless headset and listen in, monitor, or take over a call with ease (which is priceless!)

Since the Wireless Headset Training Adapter has so many different scenarios of ways it can be used, and with so many different types of headsets, we have everything on our website that you could possibly need for setting up your call center.  Here is the link that will take you to our website for installation instructions:

For More help visit: HDI Wireless Training Adapter Installation Instructions


As you can see, our Wireless Headset Training Adapter is extremely versatile.  You will find that your PRODUCTIVITY will increase and your FRUSTRATION will decrease, helping you accomplish all that is needed in your busy work day.

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