Understanding Plantronics Wireless VoIP Headsets (Voice over Internet Protocol with Headsets)

VoIP” stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, which just simply means that you are communicating or talking over the internet.  When searching for wireless VoIP headsets, it’s not so much the “VoIP” that makes the difference as it is the VoIP device that is being used.  VoIP does not just refer to one type of device, meaning for example that VoIP could be referring to soft phone software used on a computer and laptop or it could be just referring to a regular type IP “hard phone”.  A regular type IP hard phone will look just like a standard traditional telephone, but it communicates over the internet instead of a traditional phone line.  So when looking for a wireless VoIP headsets, it really does depend on which type of device that you are actually using, whether it be a computer or IP telephone.  Wireless VoIP headsets may either have some sort of USB cable connected to the headset base unit or adapter such as a USB Bluetooth dongle to connect into a computer, or it could have a cable with a regular phone type connection which would plug into either a dedicated headset jack (typically for Cisco 7940, 7960 & 7970 model phones) or the handset receiver jack (which is the most common) on the base of a telephone.  There are a few different wearing styles to choose from when searching for a wireless VoIP headsets.  You can get a traditional over the head style in either a single or dual ear version such as the CS351N and CS361N, you can get an over the ear model with an ear bud that goes in your ear such as the CS70N and the Savi W430 USB, or you can get a convertible model that comes with both a headband and ear loops so that it can be worn either way such as the CS50-USB and the CS55.  We even have wireless VoIP headsets that will connect to both a telephone and a computer such as the Savi Office series WO100, WO200, WO300 and WO350.  So once you know exactly which VoIP device you will be using, finding a wireless VoIP headset is a snap.

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