First impressions of the Plantronics Savi WO200 VoIP wireless headset.

Plantronics Savi WO200 Wireless Headsets Review – Plantronics recently sent out demo units of the new Savi line.  I haven’t used an over-the-ear model headset for some time so I wanted to give the Savi WO200 a try.

My first impression was this is a great looking, sleek and techy unit.  Very smooth lines with no obtrusive buttons or compatibility dials visible.  It’s grey and black with a high gloss, black reflective panel making it stand out on your desk.  The headset itself is a little larger than most of the new sleek Bluetooth headset you see everyone wearing, but that is needed to get longer talk time.  The microphone boom is a clear tube so again, very low profile with clean lines.  Multiple ear buds are included allowing you to choose different sizes and choice of foam or gel ear tips.

Hooking up the Savi WO200 took about 5 minutes.  It’s fairly traditional in hooking up through the handset port.  One interesting change when compared to other wireless headset models, once you unplug your handset, it typically plugs into the charging base.  With the Savi, it’s the first model I can remember that you plug the handset into the cord instead.  Not good or bad, just different.  For the computer connection, it was as easy as plugging in a USB cord.  My computer recognized it with no special software or drivers needed.  There is a free download, from Plantronics, for their PerSono Suite software to provide on touch calling and customization for the Savi WO200 but it was entirely optional.

One consideration when choosing headsets that many people don’t think about is how you interact with customers, employees and co-workers.  When you use a headset that only covers one ear, you’re leaving the opposite ear open to hear what’s going on around you.  This is best if you need to interact with others.  If you prefer not to interact or be distracted, covering up both ears will greatly help you stay focus on your call and hear your caller better with less repeating of information.

From a comfort point of view, the Savi WO200 is perfectly balanced.  There are two axes to factor in when talking balance.  First a headset needs to be balanced from front to back, and then side to side.  The front to back balance point keeps the headset from falling forward or backwards off your ear which keeps you continually adjusting.  The other import balance, side to side, is when a headset is leaning against your headset or learning away from your ear. Either balance point can greatly affect how comfortable a particular headset feels.

Why you need the Savi WO200?  It allows you to use one headset for multiple applications.  It’s perfect for the typical small business which has needs for a telephone / VoIP computer headset while being wireless to roam the office and be more productive.  It can handle multiple line phone systems and with a push of a button, you’re connected to your computer for VoIP calls.  You can also listen to music through your computer so you’re not disturbing everyone nearby.  Conferencing your land line call and your VoIP call is also available with the Savi WO200 which is a first for Plantronics wireless headsets.  Talking over the internet is in infancy stages at this point, but in 2-3 years it will be equal, if not more common than land line calls.

One added feature of the Savi WO200 that I haven’t tested, but sounds appealing is the ability to conference up to three additional people on your call.  If you have others in the office that need to join your call and are also using the Savi WO200, they simply walk to your base, insert their headset into the charging dock, push the subscription button and last, you push the call control button on your headset to accept them into the call.  If they’re using a different model from the Savi line, you can also easily add them using an over-the-air subscription technique as well.

For the $300-350 investment, you will have your money back within no time when you think about making all your calls from one headset, while eliminating neck and shoulder strain.  Your productivity will skyrocket now that you can roam the office and use both hands while you write and type.  And last, with the optional handset lifter or electronic hookswitch adapters that allow you to answer remotely think how many calls you won’t miss to voice mail because you were able to answer away from your desk.  What other device can provide you so much while spending so little?

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