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  • Why You Need A Busy Light Or On-Line Indicator With Your Plantronics Wireless Headset.

      Plantronics Busy Lights: Blue: Plantronics Busy Light Red : Plantronics Busy Light I want to explain to you why you need a busy light, or online indicator, to go with your wireless headset.  As we transition into wireless headsets, there is a drastic dynamic that changes in the office that a lot of people are not aware of or have not thought about. Your Handset Tells Co-Workers Not To Interrupt When you are on a call, you hold the handset up against your ear, and this is the universal sign to your coworkers that you are on a call and not to interrupt you. As we transition into wireless headsets, most people leave their wirele
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  • Why You Need A Lifter Or EHS Cable With Your Plantronics Wireless Headset.

    Plantronics Handset Lifters & EHS Cables: Handset Lifter:  Plantronics HL10 EHS Cable: All Cables Available: I want to explain to you why you need a handset lifter or EHS cable to go with your wireless system.  The biggest reason is you get a lot more value and production out of your wireless headset by adding one of these devices.  There are three key benefits: First is you have the ability to answer away from your desk; secondly you don't miss calls to voice mail, because it will beep in your ear every time you have an incoming call; and last it automates how you take calls.  So you really cut down on the number of steps, mos
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  • Plantronics DA80 Audio Processor - Introduction, Features and Benefits Video.

    Plantronics DA80 Audio Processor: I want to take a few minutes and introduce you to the new Plantronics DA80 Audio Processor. The DA80 has a standard USB connection on one end, then a cord, then the inline controls, and finally the standard Plantronics quick disconnect. So here is where you would also need an H-Series headset to plug into the quick-disconnect connection to make everything work. So the brains of the whole thing is the inline controls. This is really what you want to focus on. The DA80 is a very smart device. Up to this point, the typical cables that would plug into your PC haven't had very many features, they would just gi
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  • Plantronics C725 USB Computer/PC Headset - Introduction, Features and Benefits.

    Plantronics C725 USB Computer/PC Headset: I want to introduce you to the new Plantronics Blackwire C725 USB Headset. The Blackwire C725 USB Headset is a dual-ear headset that has a microphone.  But what I want to tell you is how easy this thing is to put on, configure, and adjust. The speakers rotate out, so they can be easily adjusted for each person.  The headset has extremely soft leatherette ear cushions, which are perfect for all-day wearing comfort.  The microphone rotates up and down, so you have good flexibility.  The headband is very soft, very cushy is the best way to describe it, so it's really made for all-day wearing c
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  • Plantronics Voyager Edge UC Bluetooth Headset - Introduction, Features and Benefits Video.

    Plantronics Voyager Edge UC Bluetooth Headset: I want to introduce you to the Plantronics Voyager Edge UC headset. So first off, I want to explain one thing; there are two versions of the Voyager Edge; the standard Voyager Edge, where you receive only the headset, and you pair it to a mobile phone, tablet, whatever Bluetooth device you have. The second is the Voyager Edge UC, which also includes a case for charging, and a dongle, which stores at the bottom of the case and plugs into your PC.  So you can use this headset on your mobile phone, and you can also plug it into your PC. So it gives you two different devices in which to plug
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  • 5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Your Next Plantronics Headset Purchase

    (1) How long have the Plantronics Wireless Headsets been sitting in a warehouse? Plantronics wireless headsets use rechargeable batteries, and getting ‘a deal’ could mean you’re getting a new product, but with old batteries that won’t hold a charge, you will be shorting the valuable talk-time you're expecting. This causes you wasted time and money, having to replace the batteries before you can put your new headset into operation. Most people don’t realize a date code is stamped on the outside of the box as well as the headset/base. If you’re purchasing from a new source and haven’t established any trust with the company, have
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  • Plantronics Cordless Headsets for a Successful Business

    The best businesses are built on strong communication between top management, employees, and customers. A confident business communicator is relaxed and focused. Plantronics cordless headsets offer both comfortability and great audio quality. Plantronics Cordless Headsets for Business Owners Business owners recognize how dependent we are on cell phones. If a business owner doesn't have his/her cell phone with them, the day probably won't be as successful as had been hoped. True business people must be able to reach people and be reachable at all times. Too often, business owners try to do everything themselves and don't use the help avai
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  • Plantronics Headsets Plan for Productivity

    The key to productivity is following a strategic plan. Plan your days to be as productive as possible by using the technology available to you. Plantronics headsets are highly respected as a quality product. The audio quality and design durability stand out from the competition. Productivity equals profit. If your employees can work an entire work week completely comfortably, revenue will increase, while the costs of running the business stay the exact same. Keeping employees happy is not just a "nice" thing to do. The best run companies have some of the truly happiest workers. Plantronics headsets are known for their comfort. Comfort allows
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  • Plantronics Wireless Headsets Ease Office Stress

    Working in an office, whether interacting with co-workers, talking on the phone, or dealing with customer service, is a very stressful position. Working in a scenario that causes stress and worry only inhibits good working styles and attitudes. With Plantronics wireless headsets, employees will be happy and comfortable at their jobs. The difference between an unstressed and a stressed employee is shown by their productivity. If the position requires the use of a headset, if this piece of equipment is uncomfortable wear, if the cord is obtrusive to what they need to do with their hands (type on a keyboard/interact with customers), or if the au
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  • Everything you need to know about the Plantronics HW540 corded headset.

      Plantronics HW540 Headset: In late 2014, Plantronics announced and started shipping the EncorePro HW540 corded headset.  It includes a noise-canceling headset, three attachments for different wearing styles (headband, ear hook and neckband), a soft ear cushion, a clothing clip for cord management, and a cable ending with a Quick-Disconnect connection.  As with all business-grade H-Series headsets, an amplifier or direct-connect cable is required to connect this headset to your phone or computer. KEY POINT: The HW540 is a business-grade headset made for all-day comfort, crystal clear audio, and backed by a two-year warranty fro
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