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How Can I Use My Corded Telephone Headset with My Computer?

So you have one of Plantronics HW-Series Headsets (Ex. HW251, HW261N, H81 Etc) and you love it, but now you wish you could use it with your computer.  There is a solution that will turn your corded H-Series headset into a computer headset by just purchasing an additional product.  You will then be able to seamlessly switch from your phone to your computer with just one quick step.

Plantronics created a device that will allow you to plug the end of your headset to the adapter cable, which has the USB on the end.  You can quick disconnect it when needed, and plug your headset back into the amplifier or quick-disconnect cable that is hooked in the phone as well, it’s that easy.

I am referring to the DA Series Audio Processors that come in four different models with a variety of features and pricing options.  Below I have listed the different models, prices, and links to Headsets Directs web page for more information on each.


  • Wideband Audio which gives you the crystal clear voice and audio
  • DSP – Digital Signal Processing for optimal call clarity


  • Inline Volume and Mute provide convenient access and control
  • HUB Software for updates and ease of use


There you have it, you can now have the best of both worlds with any of the DA Audio Processors listed above.

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